Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 Release Date, and More

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 tv show poster

Legend of the Blue Sea is a popular Korean drama series which made all the K-drama fans fall in love with the show head over heels. In November 2016, SBS aired Jin Hyuk and Park Seon-Ho Directed show, which was available till January 2017 every Wednesday and Thursday. And the show consisted of 20 episodes that were based on the incarnation of two characters in two simultaneous timelines – the modern and Joseon times. However, the story follows a deep love story that melts every heart. It is a journey of a mermaid who traverses across seas to unite with her lover.

Here’s everything fans need to know about the show and other recent updates.

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2: Release Date

South Korean drama series do not usually run more than a single season, but considering the worldwide popularity and fan support, it is never really known what might happen next. It’s been more than three years since the first season aired its concluding episodes. All this time, there has been no official announcement if the show will live for another season. Lee Min Ho, who plays the lead role in the show, enlisted himself for the basic military training back in May 2017. Before going into training, he had promised fans about doing great projects after his return. Fans have waited eagerly for his return. Speculations are the show makers will probably want to cash in on his return with another season of the show. There is no announcement out for season 2 as of now. The latest it could come on the screen (if made) is 2022.

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2: Cast

The lead actors in the first season– Jun Ji-Hyun and Lee Min Ho received great appreciation for their outstanding performances. They managed to really infuse real-life emotions to their on-screen fairytale love story. Since there are no official announcements of the shoes’ renewal, the official cast is still a dark mystery. Most likely, they both will return to reprise their roles because the show wouldn’t be what it is without their on-screen chemistry.

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2: Storyline

To the unfamiliar with the show, the show portrays a unique love story that feels rooted in classical fairytales. A mermaid and a con-artist fall in love. Their tale of fate, rebirth, and unrequited love is showcased in two parallel timelines. One side of the story takes place in the Joseon era, and the other half set amidst the modern world.

Speculations are already making rounds that the second season of Legend of the Blue Sea will center around Heo Joon-Jae, a con-artist, and Shim Cheong, the mermaid’s son. The first season left fans with a number of questions about the child or the fate of Ma Dae -young.

If there is a second season, it will take off from where things ended in season one. Also, the questions that season one poses seem like a ray of hope for another season.
Legends of the Blue Sea is an exciting watch. If you’ve never watched a K-drama, this would definitely be the right place to start.