Incredibles 3 Release Date, Plot, Trailer and Everything

Incredibles 3 Movie Poster

The Incredibles franchise is not only popular but very much loved. Fans were waiting patiently for 14 years for the sequel. If there is going to be an Incredibles 3, the direction has to be by Brad Bird. He is behind making the previous two masterpieces.

Pixar is not saying much about the third movie of Incredibles. But they are making one thing clear that even if they give the green light to the project, the final call will be of director Brad Bird. The fans of this franchise are incredibly patient and diligent. This is also because Incredibles 2 was out after three years of its announcement, but the fanbase is ever increasing.

So here is everything you need to know about Incredibles 3.

Incredibles 3: Storyline

There are no updates on the plot of Incredibles 3 if there is going to be one. But this is solely dependent on Fan theories and expectations.

The fans would love to see the characters of the movie age a little. It will also give way to an exciting different story. As the characters grow up, things change, so that is something interesting. The third movie can explore further on the return of the Underminer. A powerful villain is something everyone wants to see. If not a villain, then at least an evil family member would do. But the powers of the Incredibles clashing with the villain is going to be thrilling.

In an interview with the director, several revelations were made. Bird said that due to the second movie forwarding up in the Pixar Calendar, there were various things he could not incorporate in the Incredibles 2. There were different and new characters who were going to be a part of the sequel. But to define their personality as well as include them in the story was taking too much time. So the director did not include them but states that these characters are cool and diverse. It would have also given a fresh feel to the audience.

All of these things are opening doors to another movie. There is an excellent opportunity to use the characters in the third movie if there is any.

Incredibles 3: Voice- Over Cast

The Incredibles franchise is entirely animation, so the movies have voice-over actors. If the makers plan to go ahead with Incredibles 3, you can expect most actors to return to give their voices. Craig T Nelson as Bob, Sarah Vowell as Violet, and Holly Hunter as Helen. The actor giving Dash’s voice, Huck Milner, may not be back for the third movie. The makers will cast an actual 10-year old for the voice of Dash as Huck’s voice is getting deeper.

There will also be a chance to see Brad Bird as Edna Mode again with Samuel L Jackson as Frozone. However, speculations are the only thing everyone can do as Pixar is shut about a new movie.

Incredibles 3: Release Date

There is no official confirmation on the making of Incredibles 3. There was a huge gap between the Incredibles and Incredibles 2. This makes everyone think that the movie is not going to be available anytime soon. Even if there is an official announcement that there will be a third movie, keeping in mind the previous schedules and the style of working of Brad Bird, Incredibles 3 will not premiere before 2024.

All you have to do is keep your fingers crossed. Everyone is waiting to see another Incredibles movie. If there is going to be the third movie, then it is undoubtedly going to be incredible.