FAITH: The Unholy Trinity Release Date, Gameplay & Rumors

FAITH The Unholy Trinity Game Poster

Mortality comes to danger with the arena of horror and supernatural influence around them. The ghostly presence will challenge you to pick your most challenging and last resort to save your skin from the bloodsucking demons. How interesting does the plot get when people get possessed by supernatural beings? FAITH is an adventure horror game creating an unbelievable fun excavation for the players in the dark plot twists in it. Airdorf Games develop it. The game is highly inclined to Exorcism, demonic possession, and the power of the supernatural presence.

What is the FAITH Series all about?

The plot of the game is out in 1986. Amy, the daughter of the Martin family, has been going through difficult times. She has been possessed by a demon, which gets her to act strangely and be exposed to derangement and depression. The family turns to the church for help. A pair of exorcists named Father Allred and John Ward comes over to help them with a problem. They now aim to drive deeper into the case and exorcise Amy if needed.

Exorcisms are never entirely successful. For the Martin family, it, however, ends badly.  Years later, the sole survivor John Ward comes out to solve the mystery. He now wants to stop what he had started. The Exorcism had turned events totally on their hood. He must go on to correct the faults and find answers to all the unanswered questions while fighting off the demonic slayers and horrifying cultists. The protests only protection is a crucifix, which he uses to keep evil away.

Release Dates for FAITH: The Unholy Trinity

The production launched a second sequel titled FAITH: Chapter II in February 2019. The trailer is available for one to watch on YouTube. FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is the third chapter scheduled to be released.  The release dates for the third chapter release hasn’t been out as of now. Steam will have all three games clubbed together. New Blood Interactive will once again be the publisher. One can download the first game and demonstration for the sequels over Steam.

FAITH: The Unholy Trinity: Features and gameplay

Michael Davies is the prime antagonist of the plot. The players must have dealt with him while missions in the game We can expect him to show up again in the third installment. Michael’s story is very emotional, as explained in the first half of chapter two. He is a 15-year-old boy suffering from rickets, an illness caused by a deficiency of vitamin D. Demonic possession, neglect from his former caretaker, or just a character loophole provided by the creator can pave the way to the illness. Father John Ward can easily avoid Michael’s ghost with the help of his crucifix. Another antagonist appearing in the game of FAITH is Malphas, the great president of Hell, as explained in Demonology.

One must be waiting for the lifelong opportunity to see the end of the wholesome horrid plot ever. The more significant concern is of the ways in which the plot can be dissected further. The horrifying supernatural experiences and climaxes are awaiting the audience’s way. The darker the plot, the more exciting will it get!