Movies Top 10 Horror Movies to Watch If You Liked The Nun

Top 10 Horror Movies to Watch If You Liked The Nun

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Do you like the chilling sensation down your spine when you watch a horror movie? Yes, the feeling that someone will grab you from behind, and all hell will break loose. That is some feeling.

The Nun is one of the most popular horror movies ever. It is a part of the conjuring universe in the form of a spin-off. The story follows that of Conjuring 2, about a demonic nun who is an incarnation of Valak. She becomes a threat to a priest and a nun who discovers some secrets of Romania is 1952. Here are some other horror movies that everyone is going to enjoy thoroughly.


Annabelle Movie Poster

Just like The Nun, Annabelle is also a part of the conjuring universe. It is a prequel that focuses on a doll by the name of Annabelle. The doll has demonic powers because a woman kills herself holding it. The events that follow are mysterious and scary.

The Possession

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The Possession Movie Poster

The story of this movie is about a haunted dybbuk Box. It is an old wooden box which comes useful in keeping wine. The box has ‘I will eat your heart’ written on it in Hebrew and whoever is the owner of the box faces the consequences.


Demonic Movie Poster

Five people die while calling in ghosts. The deaths are so mysterious, and a police officer and a psychologist have to investigate the reason behind these deaths.

The Unborn

 The Unborn Movie Poster

As the movie‘s name suggests, the story follows that of the spirit of a twin child haunting the other. Casey’s mother was going to have twins, but one of the babies dies in the womb, and Casey is the one who comes out alive. She has the feeling that her twin brother’s spirit is haunting her.

Case 39

Case 39 Movie Poster

A young girl is dealing with abusive parents when a social worker, Emily, tries to help her out. As soon as things are looking normal, Emily realizes that they are not how they look. Some demonic powers are surrounding her.

Lights Out

Rebecca’s father dies at the hands of a supernatural spirit. Her mother has lost her mind and is talking to people who do not exist. Rebecca seeks help from her boyfriend and tries to investigate the root of these mysterious activities.

The Devil Inside

Isabella wants to make a documentary on exorcisms and finds someone who can feature in it. This person is Maria Rossi, who has killed three people due to the exorcism effects on her. Maria is currently living in a mental asylum, and Isabella decides to meet her.

The Conjuring

This is the first movie in the Conjuring universe. A family consults Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are demonologists, to make an evil spirit go away. Since the Perron family shifts in their farmhouse, they face unusual activities that signal towards something paranormal.


The story of this movie revolves around an Ouija board. Laine finds the board in her dead friend Debbie’s room and decides that she will use it to talk to her friend. But Laine contacts a new spirit, and things are going to get out of hand.


This is another movie surrounding an Ouija board. With a close friend’s help, a young girl tries to contact her dead father’s spirit but falls unconscious during the process. The children have reached evil spirits, and the events are going to be scary.

Horror movies are not everyone’s taste. There are a lot of guts required to watch these movies. Each of the films on the list above is certainly going to give you goosebumps.

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