Gaming Resident Evil Village Release Date, Trailer, Features & Everything

Resident Evil Village Release Date, Trailer, Features & Everything

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Resident Evil is a classic video game series of the horror genre. Capcom is the developers for this globally successful game. After the release of Resident Evil 7, fans were eagerly waiting for the new game in line. But Capcom decided to make some changes in its course and went on release the remakes. The remakes of Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 2 were out.

Now the fans are waiting for a while, and this is the best time to release Resident Evil 8, or the new name for it is Resident Evil Village. There are immense joy and excitement after the announcement of the eighth game in the series. So here are all the updates about Resident Evil Village.

What is going to be the gameplay?

There is going to be a live stream from 26-27 September with Capcom as the hosts to talk about the new game. Resident Evil Village is going to the topic of discussion during the Tokyo game show. The original game is essential because it will be following the story of Resident Evil 7. Fans were left with a cliffhanger at the end of the seventh game, and Resident Evil Village is going to follow the story and conclude it as a whole. This is some satisfying news.

Another change in Resident Evil 8’s gameplay is going to be the return of first-person. A lot of users complained about their experience from the usual third-person view. So this time, the creators are coming back with first-person gameplay where the players will be able to experience everything centrally.

What plot will Resident Evil Village follow?

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The story follows that of Ethan Winters after the events in Resident Evil 7. Ethan is looking for his wife, who is missing for a long time. He goes to Louisiana and finds her, but there is a new evil waiting for the couple.

When is the game going to release?

Rumours suggest that the game is still in development. However, news shows that the developers are looking for a release of Resident Evil 8 in 2021. A lot of work came to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. So now, after resuming work, a 2021 release looks likely. But, there are no official announcements on a release date for Resident Evil Village.

What the fan expectations from the new game?

As everyone now knows, Resident Evil 8 will be more of a conclusive story following the path of Resident Evil 7. So fans would want some additional features in it. Even though Capcom has put in their best to give premium satisfaction of playing any game, a variety of enemies and locations is lacking. An array of new enemies on a site different from the usual is something that is expected. Apart from concluding the story from Resident Evil 7, a little exploring would not harm. This will make the experience of Resident Evil Village more thrilling and exciting.

All that the viewers can do is wait because Capcom is going to give the best experience as usual. They are known to make their games with a lot of detailing and precision. This ends up providing satisfaction to the players.

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