Everything We Know About Hitman III Release Date, Trailer, Story, Features

Hitman III Game Poster

The final game of Hitman is back to put the players in the character of Agent 47. The third part will of different locations, disguises, with several ways to take down targets. However, Hitman is a long-running game that will be come back under IO Interactive. Besides all this Aside from inventive ways to kill, the Hitman franchise is top-rated for its picturesque, graphically designed beautiful missions. With this, the locations of the game, such as the lively, colourful spice stalls in Marrakesh and the verdant rainforests of Colombia, also creates a great impact.

This time Hitman will be about the story of agent 47 but in a rebooted version. IO Interactive will again allow players to import locations from the last two games, which the gamers have already done in the second part of Hitman. This time there will be plenty of locations that will be there to explore around.

The Release Date Of The Third Part Of Hitman

According to sources, the makers have suspended the release date of the third part of Hitman on January 20, 2021. The gamers can play the game Hitman on PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X, and Google Stadia. The game will also arrive on PC,  whereas it will only be available exclusively via the Epic Games Store for one year. However, the console players will get access to the game for free next-generation up-gradation. The third part of Hitman acts as a forum for the entire trilogy. The gamers are excited to have a final look at the third part they had five years ago.

The Plot Details Of The Third Part Of Hitman

The story of the third part of Hitman will be defined with the previous two games. Whereas Agent 47 will be going on another adventure. The main motive of the third part will be to eliminate the partners of Providence. However, 47 have to team up with Diana Burnwood, along with his long-lost friend Lucas Grey. The third part of Hitman will have some drama with a thrilling conclusion.

The Gameplay Of The Third Part Of Hitman

Interactive has made an announcement post, which reveals that the third part of Hitman contains new gameplay features. The released trailer provides a quick view of how the Dubai mission will look like.  Sneaking and deception are some essential aspects that gamers will experience in the third part of Hitman.

The Trailer Of The Third Part Of Hitman

Till date, the makers have only released one trailer of the third part of Hitman.  It is the reveal trailer from The Future of Gaming PS5 event.

The third part of Hitman has some commitment and responsibility. Due to this, the crew at IO Interactive had to make sure that they are carrying some items that didn’t later didn’t leave a trail of evidence. Because of this, VR will allow players to “prime” an item. This means that the players can freely carry anything; however, they can only attack someone when they are chosen.

As all know that Agent 47 will return in a different character. However, in the reboot version, he will make a remarkable journey, Eliminating the partners of Providence will be his ultimate goal. The third part of Hitman will portray a serious and darker version.