Top 5 Games to Play If You Liked Prince of Persia

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Are you a video game fanatic? Do you enjoy playing exciting games as well as excelling in them? Then this is the article for you. Numerous people love spending their quality time with video games. This also gives a chance to video game creators to explore their creativity. They get a platform to showcase their capabilities and creatives. Apart from gameplay, there is something else that attracts the user is the storyline.

The prince of Persia is a top-rated game and has a huge fanbase. This is because the players got some new and exciting in every part of the series. The gameplay is attractive, and the story is about a Prince from Iran. There are multiple games in its name, such as the original trilogy, the sands of time series, and several remakes and spin-offs.

God of War

 God of War Game Poster

The God of War series is a popular game series filled with adventure and action. Most of its setting is in Norway, along with inspirations from Greek and Norse mythology. In Midgard’s realm, there is the Greek God of war, Kratos, and his son Atreus. The son is unaware of his father’s divinity. The player will be playing as Kratos to fulfil his wife’s last wishes. They are journeying to the nine realms because the wife wanted her ashes on its highest peak. As the duo is on this journey, they meet numerous gods and monsters.

Assassin’s Creed

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The creators of this famous game is Ubisoft Montreal, with Ubisoft being the publishers. This is another game with loose inspirations from history and science. It also incorporates real-life historical events in its storyline, which makes it even more unique. The struggle is that Assasins, who believe that peace and free will go together. On the other hand, the Templars believe that through order and control, peace comes along. The player will be playing the role of one of the assassins to hunt down Templars and kill them.

Devil May Cry

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The creator of this beautiful game series is Hideki Kamiya. After his mother’s murder, Dante, a demon hunter, is out for revenge. The story moves along with the developments in his story. But the gameplay of this series is extremely impressive. There are additional and new features added in every game of the series. Apart from that, as a player, you will have a specific set of skills and continuously upgrade your character.


With its setting in the industrial city of Dunwall, the game follows Corvo Attano, who is the bodyguard of the Empress of Isles. The empress is murdered, and the ones behind it are framing Convo for it. Convo seeks help from The Loyalist and The Outsider to prove his innocence. The Loyalists are a group of people who want to conquer the city of Dunwall. The outside, on the other hand, provides particular magical abilities to Convo.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Another action-adventure game, Batman Arkham Asylum, has its adaptations from the comic books of Batman. Batman is a fictional character in the DC Universe, and the storyline of the game follows him fighting his longtime enemy, Joker. There are bombs all over Gotham city, and Joker traps Batman inside the Arkham Assylum.

All of the games on the list above are fun to play and extremely competent. Video games add a new thrill to spending quality time.