Top 5 Adult Comedies to Watch Like Harold and Kumar

Harold and Kumar Movie Poster

Harold and Kumar, on their journey through the wildest of night, put a lot of life decisions into perspective. The series of adventures made them realise what they have missed out throughout the journey.

As rightly termed, the feeling of uncertainty gets you to be the most certain. Getting bitten by a racoon and chased by a cheetah turns their lives around.

Also, Harold gets the guts to stand up to his bullies, and Kumar ends up applying for med school again!
The show’s ever funny adventures open us to the realities of life. If Harold and Kumar is a show of interest, here’s what one should watch after getting done with it.

American pie

American Pie Movie Poster

As teenagers, one tends to excite the act of sexual intercourse to the extent that it becomes a race to run for quite some time! What comes out of it is competition, anxiety, loss of priority, and (no score) at all!

American Pie is one such drama-comedy where a group of teenagers try to score and eventually become obsessed with it. Along the way, they realise how there are different essential things to life. They know the importance of their interests and attractions, which is way beyond just getting some “action.”

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Fast Times at Ridgemont High Movie Poster

Fast Times At Ridgemont High is a sex comedy with a top-notch cast and funny plot! The film follows a group of teenagers as they deal with relationships, work, and school issues. It looks into teenage life in early 1980s America, which explores many of the era’s teenage problems from sex to work to tediously long food lines. Many of us today could see this as an overtly “nostalgic” film, and it’s a pretty damn good flick.


Superbad is an action cum comedy, which serves the gaps to laugh your heart out to the adventures by Seth and Evan.
A story about two college buddies who want to get drunk and score girls for the night. They aim to live the night of their dreams. It will make one laugh and cry over their bad lucks throughout the movie! Alcohol will become the last option teenagers would crave for after watching this movie.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The 40-Year-Old Virgin Movie Poster

The story revolves around Andy, played by Steve Carell.
Andy is a 40-year-old guy who is yet to lose his virginity!
He spends all his time gaming while his friend is making the impossible happen. While struggling with the female presence around, little did Andy know that he would fall for a local shop owner, Trish, and force a kick start to his romantic life altogether.


EuroTrip is yet another comedy film that might give one some hearty laughs throughout the movie! One after another, jokes fly right at one’s face with savage insults. However, it’s a top-notch funny flick!

EuroTrip is a story about a guy, Scott Thomas, who goes in search of Mieke, his hot German pen pal.
However, the routes are not accessible, and neither is the company he carries along. Nevertheless, traveling is always the most fun when there are all sorts of uninvited troubles!

The list here will lighten your mood and be a calm little trip away from the exhaustion this quarantine brings to your pretty little being. Have some good laughs with your friends and loved ones.