Best 5 Games to Play If You Liked Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken is a crossover fight game and is pronounced as Street Fighter Cross Tekken. This is a cross-game because the main characters are from the Tekken series and the Street Fighter franchise.

Another unique element of the game is that a single player has to choose two characters to fight in a match. The two characters will have to reduce the opponent’s health to defeat. The game also has an option of a multiplayer mode to enjoy with friends. Here are some more games like Street Fighter X Tekken that you are going to enjoy playing immensely.

The King of Fighters 13

The King of Fighters 13 Game Poster

The King of Fighters is a viral game series. The game follows the story of Ash Crimson after the King of Fighters 11. Initially, the development of Ash crimson was started back in King of Fighters 2003. The game also follows the people from a distant land trying to overpower the strong demon Orochi. These people are also secretly hosting multiple King of Fighters tournaments.

Tekken 3

Tekken 3 Game Poster

As the name suggests, Tekken 3 is the third part of the Tekken series. The game’s home version has an extra mode, Tekken force, Bonus mode, and Tekken ball mode. The establishment of the Tekken Force by Heihachi Mishima after fifteen years of King of the iron fist tournament. The Tekken force is an organization working for peace in the world. When in Mexico, the members of the Tekken force find a traditional temple. But there is something magnanimous and powerful living inside the temple, the Ogre.

Virtua Fighter 5

Virtua Fighter 5 Game Poster

The new world fighting tournament is here, and 17 premium fighters from the world will attend it. The most important thing that the fighter has to consider is not repeating the same mistakes. But the investors of the tournament, J6, have ulterior motives in doing so. After creating a powerful being with human-like features. V-Dural is the powerful being, and J6 will be releasing him to test against the fighters.

The Warriors

The adaptations of this game are from the movie of the same name. Both the film and game are from the novel by writer Sol Yurick. The setting of the game is the 70s of New York City. The murder of a famous gang leader takes place, and accusations go upon a street gang. The street gang are not at fault but have to save themselves and return home. In their journey to Coney Island, which is home, the gang will come across police and other dangerous people they will have to defeat.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

This game‘s story is in the DC multiverse, where Joker influences Superman to kill Lois Lane. After his killing, Superman becomes a tyrant and sets up a new world order. He even destroys the Metropolis with a nuclear bomb. Upon seeing all of this, Batman comes to the rescue. He requests the other league members to help out from numerous parallel universes.

With premium gameplay and multiple benefits in the game, you will have a great time with all the games on the list. Most of them are series, so you also benefit from playing multiple to follow the storyline.