5 Games to Play If You Liked The Bayonetta Series

Video games are the right way of spending time. The best part is that there is an enormous variety of video games with interesting storylines to attract users in recent times. You can play the game you like and even excel in it.

The Bayonetta series is popular on a global level. It has a combat system similar to the Devil May Cry series. The story follows that of a witch living in a fictional town of Europe, Vigrid. The witch has special powers using multiple weapons and transforms herself into anything she wants. The player receives a grade on the basis of their performance in activities of the game. Here are a few more games similar to that of the Bayonetta series.

God of War

God of War Game Poster

The developers of this game are the Santa Monica studio with Sony Interactive Entertainment as the publishers. The inspiration is loosely from Norse and Greek Mythology. The game follows a father’s journey and a son who reaches the highest peak of the nine realms. The son, Atreus, is unaware that his father, Kratos, is a God. They are going to the nine realms to reach its highest peak and spread Atreus’ mother’s ashes. It was her last wish.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry Game Poster

Capcom is the developers of this game full of action. The player plays as a demon hunter by the name Dante. Dante is out to find the killers of his mother. Along the journey, the player also has to collect items that will be helpful. Apart from that, the grading of the performance will also take into consideration the combat skills.

Castlevania: Lord Of Shadow

The game is an adaptation of the Castlevania series. Its setting is in Southern Europe during the middle ages. The player will be playing as Gabriel Belmont, who finds ways to bring his wife back to life. Gabriel discovers that the order by the name Lord of the shadow is defeated, his wife will be alive again. On his journey, he has to solve puzzles and defeat enemies using his melee skills.

Dante’s Inferno

Dante's Inferno Game Poster

The game’s inspiration is from the first canticle of Dante Alighieri, Inferno. It follows the story of Dante, who is a Templar Knight. He receives help from Virgil’s spirit, a poet, to make it through the nine circles of hell. The player will be in Dante’s role, who is out to save Beatrice from the devil. The game has currency in exchange for benefits, and the essential weapon of the player is a scythe. With the help of a scythe, various enemies and challenges are defeated.


The protagonist, Conan’s character, is from the fantasy literature by writer Robert E. Howard. The story follows Conan, who is on a journey to kill an evil wizard and find his armour back. He is a barbarian and can fight enemies with multiple weapons. The player will be in Conan’s role, gaining experience points after killing different enemies along the way.

Most of the games in the list above have PC versions. Apart from that, they are also available on Play Stations, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Choose your pick and start playing right away.

So be sure to check these amazing games out for more exposure in such games. And surely games on this list will fulfil every gamers’ satisfaction.