5 Best Movies to Watch If You Liked The Devil All The Time

The Devil All The Time Movie Poster

Anything to do with thriller, crime, the mystery is a treat to watch because of the gripping plot and the sudden change of events. Numerous movies are a joy ride whenever you watch them.

One such movie is The devil all the time, which is a psychological thriller. Firstly, this movie’s story was from writer Donald Ray Pollock’s novel of the same name. He is also the narrator of the movie. The film follows the setting of the time post, World War 2. And the movie explores the improper use of power in rural America, along with religious evils.


Arrival official trailer Movie Poster

The Arrival is a science fiction film on the discovery of extraterrestrial life. The protagonist of the story, Louise Banks, is a linguist whose job is to decipher signals from aliens. These signals are in a specific code on which interpretations are being made. Louise finds common ground and deciphers most of the code to talk to the extraterrestrial life. The events to follow are thrilling to watch.


Prisoners Movie Poster

The name of this movie blends with its storyline. The daughters, Joy, and Anna of two sets of parents, disappear mysteriously. They are abducted. A detective by the name of Loki is going to head the investigation of the missing girls. Loki gets a lead on the suspect behind the kidnapping, Bob Taylor. But Taylor kills himself with a gun before reveling the locations of the girls. Will Loki be able to find the girls? For this, you will have to watch the movie.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl Movie Poster

The story is unique because it revolves around Amy, who wants to punish her husband for cheating. Amy’s husband, Nick, returns home for their fifth wedding anniversary but finds the house empty. Rhonda Boney, a detective, takes over the case to find Amy. But the house has signs of a struggle, and there is no surety that Amy is alive. All the indications are towards Nick trying to hide the disappearance and possible murder of Amy. The police are also suspecting Nick’s twin sister, Margo.


The story is about a petty thief Louis Bloom who is in search of a job. Nobody wants to hire him because of his reputation. One day he sees an accident and freelance photographer, journalists recording the entire event. One of those people, Joe Loder, says that they sell the footage to local news channels and get a fair amount of money. Louis decides that this is something he can do. The events that follow are thrilling and will leave the audience baffled.

The Invitation

The movie‘s name blends well with the story. It all starts with an invitation that Will receives from his ex-wife Eden and her new husband, David. There is a complete twist of events and a roller coaster ride. The couple goes through a divorce after the unfortunate death of their son, Ty. It is almost after two years that Eden and Will are seeing each other. David is not what he looks like, and there is something strange about everything.

All of the movies in the lost are jaw gripping and will keep you at the edge. You are surely going to get a mind-boggling experience.