5 Best Movies to Watch If You Liked Contagion

The satisfaction that an exciting story into a perfect movie is unbeatable. One such movie is Contagion. It is a thrilling film to watch, especially under the current global circumstances. The story follows the transmission of a deadly virus through the contamination of objects. The events follow in medical researches and the making of a vaccine for the virus.

This movie’s inspiration is from global pandemics such as the SARS outbreak or the flu in 2009. Here is a list of some fantastic movies with exciting plots.

The Road

The Road Movie Poster

The focus of the film is the survival during the post-apocalyptic period. A duo of a father and son are the main protagonists of the story. The pair are roaming around finding food and other essential supplies. The son’s mother leaves him right after his birth, so the two men are the only ones. The events of the story follow as they try their best to survive in tough times.

Patient Zero

Patient Zero Movie Poster

This movie is another one on survival but is full of horror, sci-fi, and thrill. It follows the story of a deadly and dangerous virus. This virus is not fatal, but rather it will turn the human being into a demon. If any human comes into contact with the virus, he will turn into a different, intelligent, and dangerous species. A group of people who are still surviving from being affected by the virus has to do something now. They are out on a journey to find an antidote to reverse the effects of the virus.

War of The Worlds

War of The Worlds Movie Poster

This sci-fi movie stars famous actors like Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, and others with its narration by Morgan Freeman. There is an invasion of extraterrestrial life on earth. To save his children, a divorced man has to stay away from them. But the man is also trying his best to reunite his children with the mother at her parent’s house. The invasion is causing devastation and loss of life everywhere.

Side Effects

As the name suggests, the story of this movie follows that of prescription drugs. Emily Taylor is suicidal after her husband returns from spending four years in prison. Emily’s psychiatrist, Jonathan, prescribes her some anti-depressants. Following this, he contacts her previous psychiatrist Victoria who suggests using a new drug. This new drug helps Emily, but she ends up doing something horrifying.

28 days later

Another movie with a story about a deadly virus is 28 days later. The survivor Jim comes out of a coma to see that everything around him is not the same. He meets Mark and Selena, who saves his life. Later on, the three proceed to the parents’ house of Mark and Selena. Any human coming in contact with the virus turns into a monstrous creature. The unique part of this movie is that it has alternative endings. This was because the original movie’s ending was so unclear that the makers filmed three separate endings for the fans.

Most of the movies in the list above are perfect for watching during the current global pandemic. Although these are all in the science fiction genre, their inspiration is the epidemics or pandemics before. It is going to be extremely interesting and thrilling to watch each of them.

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