5 Best Movies to Watch If You Liked Argo

The selection of the five best movies is a complicated task. This article is a guide if you like movies like Argo. The genre of political thriller, historical fiction, and complete drama. It will surely raise your interest. Keep reading through if you want the latest must-watch movies. It is a fine selection of the best five films to watch if they have loved ‘Argo.’


Beirut Movie Poster

It is a classic American-thriller movie. Rosamund Pike and Jon Hamm starred portray the 1982 period. Its focal point is the Lebanese civil war. Where lead Jon Ham, a US diplomat, is posted in Beirut. Also, the movie sheds light on the real issues faced by the people of the Middle east. To all the fans who enjoy the espionage genre, they should definitely watch this movie.

Zero dark thirty

Zero Dark Thirty Movie Poster

With the recent death of Bin Laden, it makes for a quality political thriller. The coarse of the movie flows with treacherous violence. Also, it gets saddening and disgusting through the climax. But the depiction of human emotions has led to the popularity of the film. It will tie you up with its aching drama. If you believe that you’ve experienced all that is to see, the world is not at all that’s shown in the travel book diaries. The showman of life is the ulterior outlook of humanism forsaken by many of us through the journey. People seeking to watch authentic cinema should watch the movie. Nonetheless, fans have recognized the film for its originality, and actors have received applause for their outstanding performance.

Fair Game

A 2010 release, “Fair Game,” has been one of the best performances by Sean Penn. It tells you about how the Obama reign didn’t support Val Plame and Joe Wilson. To generate a movie from real-time affairs and converting it into fiction. However, the heart of the film lies in depicting manipulative, calculative, and canine humans. People who genuinely reside in our surroundings and get camouflage. It puts forward the cinematic representation of people’s true motives. Also, the film has an outstanding name of actors attached to it and thus does complete justification. If you are looking to start watching the political drama, this one should be the initiation of the genre.


Flight Movie Poster

Everyone’s favorite Denzel Washington starred in Flight. He is an excellent actor. Its a film made with conviction and flair. The film is all about understanding the universe, giving you complete revolutionary facts on physics functionality. Similarly, it shows subtle emotions with deep integrity and brilliance of the human mind. Also, the film has a very intrigued climax.

The Town

When you know that fine actors like Ben Affleck and Blake lively are on the projects. It is going to do wonders. One of the reasons this is a very profound movie representing the classics American thriller is that Ben is also the director. However, it has a very generous plot with great directions, cinematography, and screenplay. The story of the movie key preposition of its mass success. One must watch ” The Town.

In the article, you see the best five movies that are similar to political thriller Argo. It talks briefly about Beirut, Zero dark thirty, Fair Game, Flight, and The town.

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