Top 5 Must Watch TV Shows Like How to Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder tv show Poster

Do you want to watch a series and hang onto it? Well, you have come to the right place. There are a lot of people who enjoy series that keeps them on edge. Moreover, it is like something that stays on for a long time. Shows successful in running for a long time and have an exciting storyline are a treat to watch.

How to get away with Murder is one such popular show which has global popularity. The plot revolves around Philadelphia University, where Annalise Keating is a law professor there. She is also a criminal defense attorney. Keating chooses five of the students from her class to intern at her law firm where their paths cross with a murder. The series has a total of 90 episodes with six thrilling seasons. Here are five more shows as gripping as How to get away with Murder.


What If tv show poster

This is a unique show which is bringing the concept of Film Noir back to life. With great visuals and a different story for every season, the show will be focusing on morality. The central idea is that when good people start doing questionable things, the end is unexpected. In short, tt all comes down to a single decision that can either make life better or destroy it as a whole.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist - Season 4 tv show Poster

A dramatic story about Raymond Reddington, who is a cop turned criminal. Reddington becomes a high profile criminal from being a U.S. Navy officer. One fine day, he surrenders himself and demands protection. Reddington agrees on sharing intel on the most dangerous criminals in the world if he is given immunity. The events of the show follow from there.

White Collar

The White Collar TV series is all about catching high profile criminals. The story is about a professional con artist, Neal Caffrey, and an FBI agent, Peter Burke. Both of them are amazing at their jobs. Peter offers a reduction in sentence deal to Neal, who is in prison. The agreement is about catching white-collar criminals who are dangerous and deadly. The start of a relationship between a con artist and an agent starts to help clean the world.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife tv show Poster

This show is a female-centric series focusing on Alicia Florrick. She is a woman returning to her career and is also the wife of the Cook County’s State Attorney. Alicia is facing a lot of trouble because of the scandals of Peter, her husband. Peter is facing jail time due to his wrong deeds, and now Alicia has to support her children. She not only has to be a good wife, mother but now also become an efficient litigator.


This series focuses on family. It has completed three seasons, and that was the end of this show. The story starts with Danny Rayburn, who has a loose reputation, returns to his family home in Florida. Danny’s parents, Sally and Robert, are celebrating their 45th anniversary. And Tthe real reason why Danny is back is that he wants to help his parents with their Inn. But now the decision of him staying will be on his three younger siblings.

All of these shows are doing amazingly well over the years. They not only have a huge fan base but are thrilling to watch. Most of them in the list above have come to an end, so you can binge-watch them without waiting.