Top 5 Must Watch Movies If You Liked The Tourist

The Tourist Movie Poster

Any thrillers or mysteries always fascinate the soul. A lot of people like playing around like Sherlock Holmes. Movies make it so much easier. The thriller genre is picking up with various combinations now. Combining thrillers with romance, mystery, action gives stories a whole new meaning.

The Tourist is a 2010 film starring the beautiful Angelina Jolie and the admirable Johnny Depp. It follows the story of Elise and Frank. The French police are looking for Elise because her lover has run away with the government’s money. On the other hand, Frak is a mathematician. They meet on a train, and thrilling events follow. The story is so exciting that it keeps the viewer attached to the screen until the end. There are some other intriguing movies, just like this one.


Faster Movie Poster

Dwayne Rock Johnson plays the role of James Cullen or more popularly known as the Driver, who is out from prison. He wants to avenge his brother’s death, and his girlfriend Lily does not like his job. But the Driver promises her that this is going to be his last job of the questionable sort. Two detectives are also an essential part of the story, Detective Slade Humpries and Detective Cicero. Before the climax of the movie, detective Cicero finds out the killer of Driver’s brother. She goes to tell him, and everything takes a turn.


Salt Movie Poster

The exciting part of this story is that the entire script was written keeping in mind a male protagonist. But in the end, the makers saw Angelina Jolie perfect for the role, and the script was changed accordingly. This is about a CIA officer by Evelyn Salt, who goes rogue. The government is blaming her for being a Russian sleeper cell. But the truth is that she is loyal to the country and now has to find a way to prove herself.


Unknown Movie Poster

A delightful movie and exciting is The Unknown. Dr Martin Harris, the main protagonist of the story, goes on a biotechnology summit. He ends up in an accident and is in a coma for four days. After gaining consciousness when he goes back into his life, something is shocking awaiting for him. An imposter is using the identity of Harris, and everyone believes him. The original Harris, with the help of a few friends, discovers some secrets. The movie is mind-boggling.

The Double

The double is a fun-filled ride of black comedy. The story starts with Simon James, who is facing neglect at his office. But he loves a co-worker by the name Hannah. In the days to come, a new employee joins the office. This new employee’s name is James Simon. The other peculiar thing is that he looks exactly like Simon James. James Simon and Simon James are complete opposites of each other. The story that follows is dark and full of comedy and romance.

Taking Lives

The adaptations of this movie are from a novel of the same name by writer Michael Pye. It is another tale of identity crisis or stolen identities. The story starts back in the 80s when two boys were on some journey. Matt Souls and Martin Asher meet each other on a bus. During a breakdown, Martin jokingly tells Matt that they look similar. He suddenly kills Matt and takes on his identity. Taking Lives is a movie about a psycho serial killer who takes people’s lives and their identities.

Grab your bucket of popcorn because you are going to have a fantastic time. All the movies on the list are intriguing and exciting.

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