Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

Grand Tour Season 5 TV Show Poster

The fifth season of Amazon’s expensive car series, Grand Tour is on its way. The show’s host Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond will be back to rampage around the world. So yes petrol-heads, reunite!

While plans for the fifth season are very much alive, James May explains how the worldwide pandemic complicates the production. As the restrictions limit the travel options, James May gives concerning updates. In a discussion with The Sun, James said, “It’s very difficult, and we don’t want to compromise it. It limits the places we can go to. I think Amazon would say the same thing.”

Moreover, considering the popularity of James Wan and the team does not want to toy around with the show. Wan adds, “It’s not just, ‘Can we get on an aeroplane and go somewhere?’ but, ‘Are we going to be able to do anything when we get there?”

And, the crew of the team is enormous. This obviously makes the production process a bit more complicated. Moving around with 10 to 15 vans is no easy task during this lockdown. The producers want to wait instead of rushing the show just for the sake of it.

Where will the shooting take place?

But, the fans need not worry. James May adds that “Everything is postponed, it’s not cancelled”. Limitations will push them to brainstorm the locations, and they might not have to go too far for it. Why struggle to choose a vivid location in some faraway land when the lovely places are at your doorstep. May suggests that the shooting will surely take place in someplace exotic. He has a list of places in mind like “Cornwall and Dorset and Wales and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.” Location choosing is surely the most rigorous task.

When will Grand Tour Season 5 release?

The director of the show, Andy Wilman, talks about the future of Amazon’s car show. He is more than willing to bring back the show for the fans.

And, besides this, he is also interested in keeping up the show alive. Wilman adds that he would love to do The Grand Tour spin-offs. But, as of now, there is no official announcement about the release date of the fifth season of Grand Tour.

Who will be in The Grand Tour Season 5?

The iconic trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammon give petrol-heads a boost with good shows. After the success of Top Gear which had run for a decade, the trio is back with a new show The Grand Tour. The show has gained much popularity in recent times. The trio’s return is definitive for the fifth season.

Jeremy Clarkson is pretty excited about the new season. “Someone asked me, before this series, ‘What can you possibly do with a car that you haven’t already done?’ But my head’s filling up with enough ideas for five years,” Clarkson is enthralled enough to put his head and heart into the show.

The series, Grand Tour is available on Amazon Prime Video for streaming.