Fast & Furious Crossroads Official Launch Trailer, PS4 Gameplay & Release Date

Fast & Furious Crossroads Game Poster

Car Race games have been a delight to all the players all over the world. The most popular game that hits the mind with the mention is Fast and Furious! The franchise is moving toward realising its game along with the two new movies on its way. One can not wait to rush their cars and compete against each other in the wild streets. Read on the article to get ideas about Release dates, gameplay, trailer and plot of Fast and Furious Crossroads, the new release.

Release dates for Fast and Furious Crossroads

Fast and Furious Crossroads has been waiting a long way to come out on the platforms. In the wake of the events circulating around Pandemic, the progress toward release has been a little slow and lagged behind. However, news reports that the game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the upcoming months of 2020.

There is a trailer to refer to for the first glimpse of the gameplay comprising of the single-player mode. A little action will be on the plate with epic encounters and the normal chase and destroy with escape missions which are normally a part of other action-racing games at large.

What are the new features of the game?

Other rumours also speak of Vin Diesel and Michael Rodriguez who will reprise their roles in the franchise. The future beholds other extensions, one of which might be the features of multiplayer as well.

The players should be ready for yet another heist on their ways. There will be action, adventure and open stunts in breathtaking locations to blow one’s mind of!

The Gameplay of Fast and Furious Crossroads

To add a little spice, Fast and Furious franchise has a ninth movie on the way with the tenth to be in the lists as well! The game is inspired by the movies and developed by Slightly Mad Studios. It is all set for its release by the end of this year.

It will definitely be a hybrid racing game, a fact known by all. The action role-playing video games have other plans in its hood. It is taking players in a trip around the globe while showing them exotic locations around. The game will have a story and design of its own this time! No players will fall short of gadgets, and there will be an abundance of sleek and Zen cars with innovative devices and resources. It is being modelled to incline towards showing off as a bit real by this time.

Graphics as always are raising the bars with a great cinematic touch to its aura. Players will be able to change between single-player and multiplayer modes. Single-player mode will focus more on the plot of the game.

Is there a trailer release of Fast and Furious?

The trailer is due December which is not very far from now. The times are getting the fans wilder and more excited. There is a little more time until the gamers get on their wheels and drive off the streets.