Adventure Game Dustborn Release Date, Gameplay & Everything

Dustborn Game Poster

Red Thread Games‘ new production Dustborn is about to hit your consoles very soon with their fantastic gameplay!
The game Dustborn is set in a post infodemic alternate America. The power of words is the only source to be used to overcome an authoritarian regime.
The game is supposed to launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series, which are the next-gen consoles. Next year, i.e., 2021, is the year of release for Dustborn.

The plot of the game

A pregnant woman named Pax is the game’s lead protagonist.
As she is allotted to transport a package country from Pacifica to Nova Scotia across the justice controlled by the American Republic. However, with the authoritarian justice and zealous Puritans standing in her way, it is difficult for her to complete the task.

Also, Pax is now expected to recruit her crew. They will hereafter disguise as a punk rock band to perform the job. Additionally, The game has dialogue exchange for developing their relationship and will discover new words and information to help their way out.
However, it is more of a story-based game with very interesting graphics in it.

How is the gameplay going to be?

Road trips, music, friendship, family, betrayal, civil war, and other subject matters are the main themes of the game.

Surely, the game has a very cool story to it, as mentioned above, and a pastel art form in the graphics.
However, the game starts by driving down a highway in the American southwest on a bus. The group is accompanied by a robot assisting them as the driver.

Little do they know that they will encounter a group of official authorities on their way ahead.
They have advance ammunition with them and a military helicopter with robots tackling as army men. It will be interesting to see how the band gets past such a difficult situation!

The game is based in a futuristic America  2030, three decades after The Broadcast.

The crew has a story of its own. Each has a clashing personality and a bizarre story to tell. The plot is about travel as well.
Also, the crew stops at an exciting place, takes upon random assignments, and meets diverse characters. The crew members can also recruit new members from along the way.

What is the feature of Dustborn?

There are several tasks the crew has to perform. They have to cross the divided state of America and develop strategies to be ahead of the Puritans.
Also, the players can form new weaponized words out of echoes to manipulate the people they interact with.
Then, formulate relations through dialogue choices in an expressive dialogue system. Additionally, there is a folk-punk rock band on set a journey who learns to play and set original tunes. Robots will be the epitome of danger in the game.

Trailer release

Yes, Dustborn now has a trailer release for the players interested in checking out!

There is no choice but to rebel against the sinister forces on the way. To fight them all tactfully is the only mantra.