5 Mind Boggling TV Shows to Watch Like The 100

This global pandemic has created such a situation that everyone is stuck in their house. However, we makeup with this situation by watching television series. It has been considered as the best way to work through a near-deathly hangover. Television shows have a wide variety of configurations and illustrations that can present a storyline or feelings of individuals. Nowadays, Binge-watching TV shows are creating a great relief to people. However, Netflix and other applications have created a platform for people to deal with their leisure work and stare at some television series.

So, here is some incredible television series which will definitely help people in their leisure time. The names of the television series are Sense 8, Colony, 12 Monkeys, Salvation, and Daybreak.

12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys tv show Poster

The makers hast adapted the television series from a movie of the same name. However, this is a series that is considered as one of the best science fiction ones. The series is about a scavenger, James, who travels back in time from 2043-2015. Meanwhile, James teams up with Dr. Cassandra Reilly, who a virologist. The main reason for this time travel idea is to stop the contamination of a deadly plague, which ultimately led to the apocalypse.

Sense 8

Sense 8 tv show Poster

Sense 8 is an American science fiction television series. Lana, Lilly Wachowski, and J. Michael Straczynski have created the series. The story is all about eight different people who are from different parts of the world who suddenly discover that they are “sensates.” Sensates are those human beings who are mentally and emotionally are connected to each other. However, in the series, the makers present us how those strangers discover the actual connection within and among themselves.


Colony tv show Poster

The series is about a mysterious alien invasion on Earth. The series shows us how a family fights back with this dangerous situation to stay together. In the series, we can understand how the family is making difficult decisions. However, the only reason for these decisions is to balance themselves to stay together as well as for survival. Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal have created this series.


Salvation is an American suspense drama. In the series, we can see an asteroid which will provide an on the Earth within six months. However, the series shows us how different individuals and groups of people are reacting to this and taking preventive measures for the asteroid. It also shows how the whole world is taking part in togetherly to save the Earth from this asteroid.


Daybreak is a comedy-drama adventure television series. Bead Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite have built up this series. The story of the series is about a 17-year-old Canadian high school reject, Josh Wheeler. The series continued when he started to search his missing British girlfriend, Sam Dean, in post-apocalyptic in California. To find her, he joins a group of oddball or misfits. The story is all about how he finds out his ladylove and what difficulties, and everything else he faces during this journey of him.

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