5 Best TV Shows to Watch Like Fuller House

Fuller House tv show Poster
Fuller House Season 5

It is not wrong when people say that a good comedy TV series always stays with a person. People go back again and again, watching their favourite episodes. Moreover, these dramas are relaxing and fun. Most importantly, the content is not so severe that a viewer can gel into the series very quickly.

Fuller House is one such American TV series which admirable and hilarious. The adaptations are from ‘Full House,’ which was successfully running from 1987 to 1995. Fuller House is a sequel to Full house and has done justice to the previous show. In addition, it has a lot of actors coming back on the screen of the last show.

The story revolves around the childhood home of the Tanners in San Francisco. The name of the series is suitable for the idea behind because multiple people are living in the Tanners residence. The people living in the house are a widower and a veterinarian DJ Tanner-Fuller, her three sons, her sister, her sister’s best friend Kimmy, and Kimmy’s daughter. There are a few other series that you are going to enjoy immensely.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls tv show Poster

This show became popular because of its dramatic storyline of the bond of a mother-daughter duo. Most importantly, many people were relating to the characters of the mother, Lorelai, and her daughter, Rory. With the help of comedy, this beautiful show covers family life, friendship, education, the romantic front, complications, life’s struggles, and much more.

The Ranch

The Ranch tv show Poster

As the name of the show suggests, one of the locations of it is a cattle ranch. The setting is in Colorado and revolves around the Bennett family, who are dysfunctional. Colt and Rooster Benett are the sons of Beau, who is a rancher and a local bar owner, Maggie. And American country music plays a vital role in this series because each episode is named after one country song.

Two and a Half Men

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Two and a Half Men is indeed a joy ride. It is successfully running for 12 seasons, with a total of 262 episodes. The story starts about two brothers and a child- Charlie Harper, a jingle writer, Alan, recently divorced, and Alan’s son Jake. Charlie lives with the idea of seeking pleasure to ensure his well being. After the divorce, Alan, and Jake shift with Charlie in his house, and hilarious events follow.

One Day at a Time

The adaptations from this sitcom are from a show by Norman Lear by the same name. The story is about a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles. The family consists of an army veteran dealing with stress post the war, her mother, a Cuban, and the veteran’s kids. The sitcom deals with various social issues such as sexism, racism, immigration, mental health, homophobia, and so much more; blending it all with comedy makes this show unique.


It is an epic story of the struggles of parenting. Depicting the struggles of familiar parents with high IQ children is a task and the central idea of this show. A couple, Kay and Mike, have four children, three of them are certified geniuses. The couple could not even graduate from college, and here they have children who are geniuses. Parenting can be difficult and hilarious at the same time.

Although all of the shows on the list above with give a person a good laugh and are very enjoyable but at the same time, they deal with some issues. Issues that are important and necessary for people to know and talk about. The creators of these shows use comedy as the medium to deliver such vital messages to the audience.