Movies 5 Best Movies to Watch If You Liked The Irishman

5 Best Movies to Watch If You Liked The Irishman

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Crime is one of the most raging genres of movies for a long time now. It is a vital part of the script for numerous films. The audiences for these movies are also ever-increasing due to the Drama, action, and mystery in them.

One such movie of the crime genre is The Irishman. It is a masterpiece in itself. The film follows a truck driver, Frank Sheeran. He gets involved with a mobster by the name Russell Bufalino and becomes a hitman. It is a story full of crime and Drama. Here is a list of thrilling crime movies.

The Firm

The Firm Movie Poster

This book’s inspiration is from a novel of the same name by the famous writer John Grisham. Tom Cruise is in the role of a promising law graduate from Harvard by the name Mitch McDeere. He gets a job offer from a boutique firm in Tennessee. The firm that Mitch is working for is helping wealthy people launder and hide money. The FBI contacts Mitch, and events escalate from there.


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Casino Movie Poster

As the name of the movie suggests, the story follows the same. A gambling expert, Sam Rothstein, is the main character of the story. He is not only an expert in gambling but also helps people win through favours or compensation. Chicago outfit hires Sam to look after the casino operations in Las Vegas. The movie shows the evolution of the casino industry in Las Vegas with a blend of Sam’s life.

The Untouchable

The Untouchable Movie Poster

The story goes way back to the 1930s when a crime lord Al Capone has the entire Chicago city under him. He is into selling illegal liquor and increasing crime in the city. To capture Al Capone, the Bureau of Prohibition assigns an agent, Eliot Ness. He is unable to stop Al Capone’s illegal activities in his first attempt. But later on, Eliot forms a team of special agents called The Untouchable.

The Departed

The adaptation of this movie is from the film Internal Affairs, which was released in 2002. It is an exciting story with its setting in Boston. Collin Sullivan is a mole in the Massachusetts State Police. He is sent there by Francis Costello, who is an Irish mobster. On the other hand, William Costigan infiltrates in Costello’s gang. The police department helps place William inside the mob. Collin and William are doing their jobs and trying to find the loopholes in the respective systems. The inspirations behind the characters of Collin Sullivan and William Costigan are on FBI agent John Connolly and a gangster Whitey Bulger respectively.

Gangs of New York

This movie is an American Crime drama that goes back to 1863. Two groups, Catholics and Protestants, break into violence in the slum neighbourhood of five points. The two groups get into a final challenge where the Irish Catholics lose. William Cutting leads the protestants, and priest Vallon leads the Catholics. At the end of the feud, Bill kills Vallon. Events of the story follow from there sixteen years later.

All of the crime movies in the list above are thrilling and enjoyable to watch. They are full of Drama, and well, Drama is a necessary part of life and films.

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