Gaming Dragon Age 4 Story Details, Gameplay, Release Date, Trailer & All Updates

Dragon Age 4 Story Details, Gameplay, Release Date, Trailer & All Updates

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High time for the Thedas fans to celebrate as Dragon Age 4 is right here.
Gamescon Opening Night Live has released very brief glimpses of footage and a ‘behind the scenes’ look of the game to the viewers recently.

In the wake of the events of the Corona Virus, there is an uncertainty of any recent release dates for the next fantasy RPG in the Dragon Age series. However, the audience can’t contain their excitement with whatever news they are getting to know.

Bioware has already given out the details of the game releasing with the next-gen consoles. The creators have given feeble hints about the return of the game to Thedas.
Patrick Weekes, the lead writer comments how Dragon age will tell the story that excavates “What happens when you don’t have power?” and, “what happens when the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues?”, as reported by GamesRadar+.

What are the character details of Dragon Age 4?

BioWare has still not come up with the characters which will resume their roles in Dragon Age 4. It is however sticking to choose its protagonist between the Dragon Age game.

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The players have seen Grey Warden and Hawke appear briefly in Dragon Age: Inquisition. They might return for Dragon Age 4 as well. Almost all the players are sure about the return of Dread Wolf in Dragon Age 4.

Other than that, the teaser itself revealed the being of Solas by revealing his voice in the teaser trailer. The players expect the return of Flemeth as well. The main events of the series could be lead by Flemeth and Solas collectively.

Our Tevinter elven warrior, Fenris can also spring back from Dragon Age 2. The return of Dorian Pavus can be expected as well. The news gets more concrete after knowing that he is headed back to the homeland in Inquisition’s final gameplay.

The game is quite sure to happen in Tevinter with the number of announcements formally and informally put across.


About the gameplay, it most probably will be an RPG. The version of Dragon Age 4 has a codename, Joplin, as per the reports by Kotaku. It puts forward the news of most of the game will be based on heists. Players will perform tasks like extorting or persuading guards without writers having to individually type down every action.

This is a new narrative technique in the gameplay. More of choice and consequence with fewer quests to combat as compared to Dragon Age: Inquisition will be the mantra of Dragon Age 4.

Rumours also read that BioWare is aiming to make a smaller and denser open word for Dragon Age 4. There are changes keeping in mind the map of Dragon Age: Inquisition whose map was much empty earlier.

Trailer and Release dates

The creators haven’t announced the game’s release date as of now. It is still in its early stage of production. The teaser released during the 2018 Game Awards revealing some information about the game.

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