5 Must Watch Time Travel TV Show If You Liked Doctor Who

Doctor Who TV Show Poster

To say that Doctor Who, as a Time Travel TV Show, is a cult classic will be an understatement. The series first aired in 1963 on BBC and since then has cemented a legacy that can be matched by no one else. In these past five decades, the show has evolved in several different ways. And in all those years, fans had the opportunity to enjoy multiple Doctors and countless episodes.

The real genius of the series has always been its script. The show takes viewers on a journey with the extraterrestrial The Doctor in exploring the universe. There is no denying the brilliance of the long-running. But if you are looking for something different, then here are some excellent Time Travel shows just like Doctor Who.


Dark TV Show Poster

Dark is the new talk of the town for the past few years. Premiering on Netflix, the science fiction show shocked everyone with its numerous twist and mind-bending time travel.
However, the series begins simply enough, in the aftermath of a child’s disappearance. That in turn opens the Pandora’s box of conspiracies and time travel across generations between four families.
Finally, the show builds the tension up slowly and immerses you completely into the lives of residents in Winden.


 Outlander TV Show Poster

The series is what the fans of the novels by Diana Gabaldon always wanted. It is a brilliantly put together story of a former WWII nurse finding herself transported back in Scotland of 1743.

Thus, her life begins among a different set of people in a different era. The series has something for everyone and tackles a wide variety of themes. Shot in magnificent moors and hills of Scotland, the show is honest to its inspiration. And one season is enough to make anyone fall in love with the series.

The Flash

The Flash TV Show Poster

Swapping Scotland for Central City, readers will land into the hometown of The Flash. The speedster is one of the most beloved DC characters. And whose exploits regularly involves fighting metahumans or his nemesis from parallel universes.

The story follows Barry Allen, who is bestowed with the power of super-speed. He uses it to hunt down the murderer of his mother and free his father, wrongfully accused of her death. In a story of love, loss, pain, and betrayal, the series warps the perception of time travel.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap was an unlikely hit of the 90s. It was a science fiction without many gadgets but with a brilliant script.

In which, Dr Beckett messes up his experiment of creating a time machine. Instead, he transports his mind through spacetime to other people’s bodies.
Each week saw him taking hold of someone and leaving his body after changing the history for good.
A show straight out from the imagination of every 12 years old, proved to a massive hit. And somewhat of an icon of the decade.


The NBC hit saw a group of heroes chasing an antagonist through the events in history. The villain gets hold of a time machine to change the course of American history for his gains.
However, the story takes the viewers to several important junctures of the past. And most of the time, it is a fun show to watch. A time heist, the series manages to capture the imagination of viewers rather brilliantly.

Also, time-travel and science fiction have a relatively strong connection. But as has been discovered countless times, it is not the easiest subject to deal with. These series manages to nail a time travel bang on, which makes them a great if not slightly outlandish watch.