5 Must-Watch TV Show Like Period Drama Road to Avonlea

Road to Avonlea was a drama series that ran for six years. The show had seven seasons and massive viewers in its time. It has a rating of 8.5 on IMDb and is still cherished by many, even if it’s for the sake of nostalgia.
The show was about how a girl from a wealthy and privileged family manages to settle a life in small, under-developed place while finding her true self.

If you liked Road to Avonlea, here is the list of five similar shows that you would enjoy watching too.

Anne With An E

Anne With An E TV Show Poster

Based on the same novel on which Road to Avonlea is based, Anne with an E is a Canadian episodic television series. The show revolves around the adventures of a young orphan girl living in the late 19th century.
Follow Anne as she learns to navigate her new life on Prince Edward Island, in this new take on L.M. Montgomery’s classic novels.
The show ended with three seasons back in 2017, due to ending of the partnership of Netflix and CBC. Even though the show had a satisfying conclusion, fans protested in large to renew the series, but it never happened.

The Monroes

The Monroes TV Show Poster

The Monroes premiered in 1966. The show was an instant hit and had an IMDb rating of 7.9/10. The show has a Western theme and only one season. It revolves around Clay, an 18-year-old boy who has been just orphaned.
Being the eldest of the family, he has to look out for his siblings, sisters Kathy and Amy and twin brothers all while dealing with an occasional antagonist Jim.  The series consists of 26 episodes of around one hour each. The show is an official property of ABC network and is available to watch it there.

Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit Drama Poster

Little Dorrit came out in the year 2008 and had only one season. The show has an extensive and excellent critic review with an IMDb score of 8.2 and Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%. It has won an Emmy for Outstanding limit series.
The series is based on Charles Dicken’s novel of the same name and has 14 episodes with an average runtime of 30 minutes of each episode.
The show revolves around the life of Amy Dorrit, who earns for her family and look after her imprisoned father. But Amy and her family’s life changes when the son of her boss comes back to solve her problems and revealing how their lives are interlinking and causing situations.

Hetty Feather


Hetty Feather was released in the year 2015 and ran for six seasons until finally coming to an end earlier this year. The show aired on CBBC network and had a total of 55 episodes, each with a runtime of 28 minutes.

The show follows the life of young Hetty who lives in a Victorian foundling hospital. She faces daily battles against Matron Bottomly and gang leader Sheila. Even then, she makes friends and discovers untold stories and truth about her past as she searches for her birth mother.

Oliver Twist

Based on one of the most popular novels of the same name, Oliver Twist series came in the year 2007. The show only had one season with fives episodes with an average running time of 30 minutes each.

It revolves around the life of a young orphan named Oliver Twist who becomes a part of a gang of thieves in London. The show has an IMDb rating of 7.4 and is a fun series to watch.

In conclusion, the list if full of series that you’d love. So, grab a popcorn tub and sit down to watch some good television.