Will there be a New Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Film ? & all Update on Release Date

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Movie Poster

The Pirates of the Caribbean series are one of the first pirate movies to be successful globally. The franchise has come a long way since the release of the first movie in this series. Pirate movies were a total flop at the box office before Pirate of the Caribbean. Now the franchise is coming out with the sixth part of Pirates of the Caribbean. Excitement is ever-growing among fans, and nobody can wait to watch it. But before its premiere, here are a few things you would like to know.

Is There Definite News About the Sixth Part?

After the fifth movie- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell no tales performing well at the box office, Disney gave a green light. In 2018, News about making the sixth part of Pirates of the Caribbean was doing rounds.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Storyline

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is facing delay also because of several changes in production. The writers are different, and Disney is giving special attention to this film. Speculations suggest that the story is going to take inspiration from the original theme of the series.

The park ride is where all of it starts. This also means that the character of Redd will be a new addition in the sixth part. Another focus in the story of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is that of embracing the women. The creators are giving signs that the information will focus on women and be female-driven. This also sees the possibility of enhancing the Pirate queen, Redd, a prisoner for a long time.

Is Johnny Depp Going to be Back for the Sixth Film?

The raging controversy following the law-suit is something everyone knows. The accusations that the ex-wife of Johnny Depp is making have no confirmation and filling the fans with rage. Fans were doing numerous activities to bring Johnny Depp back for the sith film. But there is no news about it yet. The creators are giving statements that the sixth film is going to be a reboot. It will be loosely related to the previous films. This also means that the character of Johnny Depp as a Captain Jack Sparrow may not have any role to play in the new story.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Cast Details

The makers are disclosing as little information as possible. This is to keep up with the surprise for the fans. There is just a rough idea of the probable actors returning. No reliable news in this respect is out yet. According to interviews and other chatter, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Kaya Scodelario, Bill Nighy might return.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Release Date

The schedule for waiting for the movie in this series is usually four to five years. There was just one exception in 2005 when filming of two movies done side by side. The writers recently gave an update about completing the script. With filming, expectations for the sixth part to premiere is by 2022-2023.

Many speculations on the new Pirates of the Caribbean are doing rounds due to a lack of information. There is no surety that the Pirates of the Caribbean is going to be the same or not. But the makers will not disappoint the expectations of the strong fan base this franchise has.