Top 5 Space Movies to Watch If You Liked Gravity

Gravity Movie Poster

Gravity is one such sci-fi thriller that was widely successful. The movie had the viewers with them all alone. Starring actors like George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, it even performed well at the box office. Sci-fi movies relating to space make the story even more enjoyable. 

Maybe this why movies relating space and fiction are doing so well. The urge to know more about space is exploring the creative side for writers of these movies.

Here is a list of five films similar to Gravity.


Interstellar Movie Poster

With Christopher Nolan as the director, Interstellar is a beautiful piece of creativity. The story revolves around Joseph Cooper, who was a NASA pilot but is now a farmer. He lives with his two children- Tom and Murphy. The film, set in 2067, shows that humankind is coming to an end. There is not much existing on earth, and people are struggling to survive. In the meantime, Joseph has some revelations from his former supervisor, Professor John Brand. He has a mission to find another habitable land and execute a plan to save the destruction.

The Martian

The Martian Movie Poster

The Martian is indeed one of the most popular space movies. With a unique storyline, beautiful cinematography, and Matt Damon in the lead role, the film was successful. It is the story of an astronaut, Mark Watney, who goes on a Mars mission with his teammates. During a desert storm on mars, he is there, and his teammates think that he is dead. Watney survives the storm, but now he has to stay on the planet. He has insufficient supplies and has to explore the space to live. Watney knows that the next mars mission is going to be four years later and plans things accordingly. Meanwhile, on earth, Mindy Park, a NASA satellite planer, realizes that Watney is still alive. Will Watney come back home? To know more, go watch the movie.

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Movie Poster

The inspiration for this movie’s story is from the book ‘Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13′, by Jeffrey Kluger and Jim Lovell. Three astronauts are going on a space mission on the apollo 13 and train for the same. Jim Lovell, Fred Haize, and Ken Mattingly are to go for this mission, but a few days into the training, Ken gets measles. Jack Swigert replaces him because Ken cannot go on the mission now. The astronauts leave on their mission, but an explosion onboard has put their lives in danger. The mission to the moon is now becoming a rescue mission to save the lives of the astronauts.


The story revolves around Dr. Ellie Arroway, living in Puerto Rico, who works in the SETI program. For years, she is listening to radio emissions from space to receive any signals from extraterrestrial life. She even gets backing from Hadden industries, who believes in her research and gives her everything she needs to continue in New Mexico. After four years, she receives signals from Vega, a star system that is 26 light-years ahead. Vega’s signals are a series of Prime numbers, and Arroway discovers it further with her team.

The Right Stuff

Another space movie filled with drama and adventure, The Right Stuff, takes its adaptation from Tom Wolfe’s book. The story is about test pilots of the Air force, Marine, and Navy involved in aeronautical research and Mercury seven on the Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Space movies are fun to watch due to a lack of knowledge on most of our parts. This certainly makes movies thrilling and exciting. To know more about space, watch these films in the list above.