Top 5 Movies to Watch If You Liked Shutter Island

Shutter Island leonardo Movie Poster

It is tough explaining how things are when it ends with an uncanniness to it. One is left with the thought of what was the reality. Shutter Island is a movie with no single analogy to it. It is difficult for the viewers to brainstorm the plot as such. What happens to Ted, and if he is his wife’s murderer is a big-time question to think about! Filler with hysterical details and pieces of evidence, Shutter Island is spooky and mysterious in its manner. It forces you to go through it again if the one watch is not enough.


Zodiac cast Highway Movie Poster

Remember how one plays off with mischievous messages left on the foot of the door, or mystery phone call games! It would seem like a fun thing to do until one watches Zodiac. A life-threatening killer invades the city of San Francisco in 1980. He stalks the residents and causes murders. There is a sort of hiding and seek game on while the police department tries to find and locate him, and he scoots over to the very next destination swiftly while leaving cryptic messages behind. It is to see how the forces capture and put him behind bars.


Halloween Movie Poster

Halloweens are supposedly festive and entertaining! What happens when the Halloween turns out to be mysterious and murderous. Laurie Strode has scars from the past incidents she faced on Halloween with her crazed murderer Michael Myres. She is still under the fear even though she escaped his murder attack. Unfortunately, the masked killer is back for his second attempt. This time, Laurie is on with a counter-attack, totally prepared for her murderer to invade her safe space.

American Psycho

One should not get startled seeing a man with a tux and an enchanting face right in front of you.
Instead, they should take a flip and buzz off saving their precious lives as that’s what is needed in the presence of Patrick Batemen.
In fact, Bateman lives two identities, one of an urban professional by day and the other of a psycho killer by night.
Additionally, the movie has a severe yet mysterious ending where one isn’t sure of the killings. His puzzled remark reading “There are no more barriers to cross” gets the audience haywire.

The Silence of Lambs

The Silence of Lambs TV Show Poster


The Silence of Lambs is an emotional or horrifying thriller. It might cause the audience to shudder by the end of its plot! Clarice Starling cross-questions a psychopath serving life behind jail for his cannibalistic and murderous act. The cast’s acting is out of this world. Whereas, the story writing is like nothing else in the world. The movie is a true example of cinema.


Murderers and serial killers have a pattern and art of their own to follow. Seven is one such murder mystery with an amazing plot and terrific cast leads. The murderer has a pattern where he targets people representing the seven deadly sins.
Two detectives, William Somerset and Davis Mills, get suspicious when there are murders after murders in the streets. They join the head and toe to solve the intensely puzzling case!