Gaming Curse of the Sea Rats Storyline for fans, Gameplay, Release Date &...

Curse of the Sea Rats Storyline for fans, Gameplay, Release Date & All Updates


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Only hardcore gamers and discord users know much about the game we’re going to talk about. Curse of the Sea Rats, made by indie developers Petoons Studio, launched their Kickstarter campaign for the game’s funding. Metroidvania is aiming to launch the game on Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

The game has 2D hand-drawn animation, 3D environments, and real-time combat mechanics for the fans to be crazy about.
Players will be exploring an island, fighting with creatures, and “savage” final bosses as increase levels, all on a non-linear war to fight for freedom.

Petoons Studio says that the funds “will be critical to complete the project without compromising the art and quality”.

In less than 9 hours, the project is fully funded! The gaming community is showering their full heart towards the game and making a dream come true for the developers.

Who are the developers of the game?

The new game from Petoons Studio consists all of the best features from the Metroidvania genre, like beautiful 2D hand-drawn animation and 3D environments, combined with unique real-time combat mechanics, and obviously, lots of rats!

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Also, the players will go on exploring the island, battling diabolic creatures, and fighting brutal bosses who receive commands by the evil pirate Flora Burn.
Who themselves are building their own way to freedom. Moving in a non-linear quest through the never-ending and mysterious coast of Ireland in the ear 1777.

What is the release date of the game?

The campaign’s launch trailer is evident in the incredible character design and action-packed gameplay and a release set for April 2021.

On the other hand, Petoons Studio is an independent game developer and also an animation studio from Barcelona, Spain. They are a group of talented artists and game developers excelling at the art of story playing.

However, their previous game, Petoons Party is the winner of the PlayStation Award – Best Kids Game (2018).
Anyway, if you want to check it out, the game is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

What are the new features of the game Curse of the Sea Rats?

There are a lot of new features to the game, coming directly from the creators’ mind.

 Classic hand-drawn animation like the golden era of Disney and Don Bluth.
– A perfect mix of 2D models crafted on a 3D game environment for a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer experience.
– Explore a huge map with hundreds of rooms, in a non-linear quest, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies on the coast of Ireland in 1777.
– 4 playable characters, jam-packed with weapons and special abilities to upgrade.
– Discover all the secret rooms, special items, and multiple endings.
– Single-player mode: more than 12 hours of gameplay for the main quest
– Local Co-Op Multiplayer mode: up to 4 players.
– Spectacular intros and animations to discover the story behind the characters.

Is there a trailer to the new game?

Yes, there’s a trailer to the new game. It looks as attractive as it sounds.
Also, the trailer displays beautiful graphics and a fantastic soundtrack. The visuals of the fresh blood droplets just mesmerize the viewer’s eyes.
Finally, there is a little bit of gameplay in the trailer, and it looks straight fire. Check out the trailer down below.

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