5 TV Shows to Watch If You Liked Sex and the City

Sex And the City Cast Poster

Sex and the City has earned its fair share of fans during its long stint on the television. Created by Darren Star, the series was a mainstay on HBO between 1998 and 2004.
The success of the show led to the creation of two subsequent movies in 2008 and 2010, respectively. The secret behind the success of the series was its fleshed-out characters and its balanced script.

Taking place in New York, the show focuses on the life of four women. Although they are friends, each is distinctly different than the other.
Yet the series finds a way of stringing them together. Without ever losing its wit, Sex and the City brings out the tribulations of love from the perspective of a woman.
This makes the show a great watch even today. And just like it, there are few great shows which tell the story of life with a splash of humour.

Alexa and Katie

Alexa and Katie TV Show Poster

The show is a sitcom for the modern audience. A Netflix Originals series, Alexa and Katie made its debut in 2018 amid positive reviews from critics. The series ran for three seasons and quickly became a head-turner.

It is a story of solidarity and friendship between two high school students, Alexa and Katie. They are in their freshman year at high school when Alexa finds out she has cancer.
This begins their struggle to remain united against the disease as they try finding their way around in life. The series is fresh and inspiring, especially for teenagers.

How I Met Your Mother

The show created by Craig Thomas is one of the best among sitcoms. The ardent fans of the show often open debate by regarding it better than Friends.
While that discussion can lead to a battle, there is no denying the wit and humour of the show.

The show is about Ted narrating to his children how he met his wife in 2030. That makes him relive his years with his friends between 2005 and 2014.
And the audience is taken into nine seasons long journey of their exploits. Despite an underwhelming final season, the show was a popular series in its time and continues to be so today.

One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time TV Show Cast Poster

One Day At a Time is the re-imagining of the 70s and 80s with the same name. It is a deeply loved sitcom about a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles. The show centers around Penelope Alvarez- a retired veteran from US Army Nurse Corps.

It is a journey of her and her family with life’s usual dose of laughter and tears. The much-beloved sitcom made its first appearance on Netflix in 2017.
But after three successful seasons with the streaming giants, it was dropped before being revived on Pop. The production of the series is currently on halt because of the pandemic. But it is expected to return next year and continue to mesmerize the audiences.

Sam & Cat

Sam and Cat is a popular teen sitcom that most teenagers would remember today. Despite its short stay on Nickelodeon, the series earned a dedicated following. As it is a spinoff of iCarly and Victorious, making the series highly anticipated by the fans when released.

The show carries on the story of iCarly, who quickly befriends Cat Valentine as they become roommates. A strong bond of friendship follows, and the fun begins as they try making money by being baby sitters. The show by no means set the world alight but is a quick nostalgic trip for its viewers from back in the day.

No Good Nick

No Good Nick TV Show Poster

Speaking of teen comedies, No Good Nick can be a great show to choose. Nick is a young 13-year old who seeks shelter from the Thompson family, claiming to be an orphan. In reality, it is her father who wants to seek revenge on the Thompsons through her. But during her stay, she understands their compassion. Despite tackling several adult issues, the show is still childish at heart. And its unique plot for a comedy series makes it a must-watch on most lists.

It is tough to win fans over with humour. But the series on this list seems to have perfected that craft. They are diverse in themes, but any fan of the genre would be able to relate to them easily. This makes for a perfect recipe for success.