5 Movies to Watch If You Loved Love Story of A Walk to Remember

Jamie and Landon in the love story of ‘A Walk to Remember’ portray a coming of age love story for the youth watchers out there. It is difficult for the viewers not to shed tears throughout the movie. As the plot goes, Jamie’s simplicity and honestly attract Landon at the same time makes it difficult for him to believe that he is into her. He, however, sheds off his insecurity and pretense, finding his way toward the enormous and deep routed love story of Jamie and himself. ‘All petals and no thorns’ is not how love stories work; Jamie is revealed to have cancer and is soon to die. However, she has one wish, which is to experience a miracle while alive. Little did she know the miracle was her love story with Landon!

While hooked onto the fantastic story of Jamie and Landon, do to check out these stories on similar lines with A Walk to Remember.


Titanic Movie Poster

One wants to believe that togetherness lasts for a lifetime. What lasts is the love binding it and keeping it real and alive. Time spent together doesn’t matter more than the effect it leaves on both sides of it—the time spent on the ship, hiding away from the protruding eyes and fake smile. Jack and Rose stick together through the dangerous shipwreck. It was one in a million chance for them to be together through all of the trials. We fail to realize how chances are far less important than the jest to hold on to each other through the journey. A journey remembered and cherished is more important than a journey lasting.

Love Actually

Love Actually movie Poster

Love Actually is a beautiful segment of small love stories. Those stories might seem to have a shorter life span but have the deepest and truest meaning invested in them. The movie, all in all, celebrates love in its loveliest and truest form. A happy go lucky plot could never fail to make someone smile and feel good about their place in the world!

The Notebook

The Notebook Movie Poster

The Notebook is another Nicholas Sparks love story with a wholesome end to it! Noah and Allie knew it right from the first meet about how deeply they were going to be into each other right from then! They go past the class difference, denial, separation, and resistance in their journey of love. What gets back them together is their belief in the power of it. The story ends with Noah reminding Allie about their love journey because of her illness. The scene ends with the two love birds dying in each other’s arms.

500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer reveals the real goals of people who fall in love. It proves the point of people who value feelings more than the portrayal, the journey more than a concrete destination. It shows how people have consumed the magic suppose to be present in their hearts, and all they want to know is the end-all of a story, the efforts made to give it a shape, the place they are in, in their relationship. Summer is one of a kind! Her journey with Tom, her presence in his life makes Tom realize who a love story should be. Only when Tom digs deep about what went wrong in his past relationship does he realize where his true passion lies.


Like every other love drama story. The ghost invades your area of interest in a totally weird manner. Outwardly it is supposed to scare you but rather make someone realize something. That is the need of a person who promises to love them and keep them safe. It is spooky and emotional at the same time. When Sam guides Molly throughout, warning her of the impending danger coming her way.