5 Best TV Shows on Netflix Like The Originals

The Originals Cast Netflix TV Show Poster

The American fantasy supernatural drama, ‘The Originals’, has been viewed by many viewers over the years. Its elements comprise history, uncanniness, and love, of course. Anybody who is a great vampire dork should give the series a try. Fables and tales about supernatural creatures are the real perks of such series. Human love stories are exciting and dug for; what happens when vamps fall in love!?

Tv series are all people have with them this lockdown. If The Originals is one of those series worth a binge-watch, one can try their luck with the following below.

13 Reasons Why

Starting off with a very simple and monotonous plot, 13 reasons why gets darker and more threatening! With the death of Hannah Baker, all her friends, and foes revolve in the circle of doubts and mysteries.

The whole series is a filling of events scaring you and teaching you certain policies to a step towards healthy living.
Teen influence and pressure is something that is the most problematic stage of life; getting past it without any such difficulties is seldom in anybody’s case.

Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls Netflix Show Poster

On the return of Serena Van der Woodsen, things get mysterious and confusing. She appears to the Upper Eastside after years of vanishing.  Her return unfolds many secrets and brings on a lot to digest. A Group of elite girls goes on creating candles within and out of their life in the streets of Manhattan. Nobody knows what the real deal is with the stories flying around. The only advice is to stay out of the gossip.


Mystery and accidents form a very attractive part of a series. They strive to keep one hooked to the plot with the outer elements of friendship, love, and defeat. Riverdale is an American Tv series jumping right out of Archie comic book.
Also, Veronica is downright hot, as described in the comics and Betty couldn’t be any more of a nerd as explained! There are a total of four seasons enough to give you a true sense of Archie comics.

The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries has fans all over the world. Three people in a love triangle, two of them being vampires, is a really interesting tale to tell. The series discovers heritage tales and dark vamp histories along with the essence of love and friendship. The timeline falls after the story of The Originals. On the other hand, there are a total of eight seasons, with the last season breaking one’s heart to bits. Vampires have never failed to create dark mysteries!

I Am Not Okay

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I Am Not Okay With This is a season yet to develop the story since it has one season to it till now. Who needs friends if one has magical powers of his own.
Yeas, that is what this series proves wrong. Sydney struggles with her social anxiety while she discovers the greater evil she had been breeding inside of her! The series is one of a kind with mysteries increasing by the end of season 1.