5 Best Strategy Games to Play Like Age of Empires

If strategy games intrigue you, like the Age of Empires, then be sure to check out strategy games like Starcraft 2, Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, Empire Earth, Warcraft III – Reforged, and Empire.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 Game Poster

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is a real-time strategy video game by Blizzard Entertainment. It released in July 2010. A sequel for the 1998 video game StarCraft and the Brood War expansion pack. It split the game into three installments. First, the base game subtitled Wings of Liberty. Second the expansion pack, Heart of the Swarm. Third the stand-alone expansion pack, Legacy of the Void. In March 2016, a campaign pack named StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops released.

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances Game Poster

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is a multiplayer online strategy video game created by Electronic Arts Phenomic.

Tiberium Alliances is a Massively multiplayer video game. The gamer will first choose a sector on the world map and start its first base there. The base protects from attacks for a duration of one week. The player can go through construction, gathering, or combat. There are several resources in the game. They are Tiberium, crystal, power, credit, and research points. Tiberium uses for base construction.

Crystal is using to producing infantry, tanks, and aircraft and upgrade manned defense units. Power is using base construction and military unit upgrades. Credit is for transferring Tiberium and crystals between bases.

Empire Earth

Empire Earth Game Poster


Empire Earth was released in 2001. Developed by SSSI (Stainless Steel Studios) and published by Sierra Entertainment. The game is a favorite by many gamers for its in-depth gameplay and received positive critical acclaim.

Empire Earth II released in 2005, two years after Empires: Dawn of the Modern World.  Developed by Mad Doc Software and published by Vivendi. Stainless Steel Studios left the project to develop Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. Empire Earth II revamped the graphics and weather effects. It retained the feel of Empire Earth’s gameplay. The game  received relatively a good response.

Warcraft III – Reforged

Launched on January 28, 2020, it has superior graphics, an altered campaign, and modern online features. The video game has mixed reviews from critics and a negative reception from players.

Warcraft III: Reforged has the gameplay from the original. There is a Classic Graphics option available that incorporates the textures of the original release. This is similar to StarCraft: Remastered. Users can unlock profile icons based on pre-race ratings. There are some features missing from Reforged, including some that will be released later (such as the competitive ladder of Warcraft III).


Empire is a 1977 wargame with simple rules. Developed by Walter Bright, starting in 1971. Based on various war movies and board games, notably the Battle of Britain and Risk. Several commercial versions released. Often adding the basic graphics to the original text-based user interface. The basic gameplay is strongly reminiscent of several games from the Empire.


This list should definitely be on every gamer’s favorite list. This list has strategy games that improve the gaming skills of a person. Find out which game is the most interesting and challenging.