5 Best Sci-Fi Movies If You Liked The Martian

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Science fiction is gaining popularity by the day due to the interest of people in something unimaginable. The best part about these movies is that the larger than life picture looks so real that one tends to believe everything is possible in true.

The 2015 film, The Martian is a masterpiece with the right storyline, perfect acting, excellent work during production and filming. The struggle of an astronaut to survive on a planet with insufficient resources was indeed thrilling. The various things that he does to survive rather than giving up make you feel that there is so much we can do. Here are some more brilliant science fiction movies that are very enjoyable.

2001: A Space Odyssey

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The inspiration for this movie was from a short film, The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clarke. The story shows that an alien appears in from of an African tribe. The alien teaches them something out of the blue, like using a bone as a weapon. The tribe uses this technique to remove its rivals. Years later, chairman of the United States National Council of Astronautics, Dr. Haywood Floyd, goes to an outpost on the moon. Discovery suggests extraterrestrial life on Jupiter, and scientists are exploring it further.


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The story revolves around a group of astronauts who go to a wormhole near Saturn to find habitable land. Dr. John Brand of NASA contacts a former astronaut, Joseph Cooper, who is now a farmer. Dr. Brand tells Cooper that the discoveries went to 48 years earlier when 12 volunteers were in the team to travel to Saturn. New activities in a wormhole near Saturn were the reason for this research. Some of the volunteers found habitable land in the distant galaxy. Earth is almost in extinction, and to save it, the doctor has two plans now.

Star Wars

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The Star Wars franchise is growing bigger and bigger since its release in 1977. Not only does the Franchise have a line up of films but adaptations to video games, themed parks, wearable accessories, comics, novels, and even television series. The basic storyline of all Star Wars movies is that there was once a galaxy different from the usual. In this galaxy, humans, robots, species of aliens were all living together in harmony. From here, the separate stories of all Star Wars movies start.


There is no other Sci-fi movie as successful as the movie ‘Avatar.’ With a unique plot, the story starts with making human hybrid species that humans can handle. The discoveries by scientists suggest that Pandora is dangerous for humans. But, the humans want to venture into Pandora, which has its location in the Alpha Centauri star system. Pandora is a habitable moon with people of the Na’vi living there. The Na’vi people have blue-skin and almost 10 feet tall.


This story’s adaptation is from ‘Story of your life,’ which is a 1998 short story by Ted Chiang. Louise Banks is a linguist in the United States Army. There are movements by extraterrestrial life on Earth. Louise Banks has to understand the language of the aliens. The language of the aliens is intricate and challenging to comprehend. But Louise, with her vast knowledge, tries to interpret what they are trying to say.

The Martian is an entertaining movie to watch and that too with family. Like that, the films on this list are equally enjoyable and have a good time.

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