5 Best Movies Red Riding Hood Fans Must Watch

Red Riding Hood Movie Scene

What happens when one falls for the poison itself? Love sees no boundaries or inner evil when it showers upon two individuals. Red Riding Hood is one such movie that puts forth a forbidden love. The plot is closely based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, where Red Riding Hood falls prey to a deadly Woolf when she tries changing course and go through the wild forest.

The film released in 2011, starring Amanda Seifried, portrays the unspoken and deranged yet honest love relationship between her as Valerie and Peter. What comes after is fate, and mere chances risked. Movie Buffs who have enjoyed Red Riding Hood through and through might want to refer to the lovely list below:

A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story Movie Poster

A Ghost Story, a 2017 David Lowery movie, manifests the fear of loneliness and abandonment through a ghost who comes back only to find that the life he left behind was changing rapidly. His wife, who now was moving on from his companionship, troubles him. The line of events he views quietly in front of him makes him realize the concept of time and the abyss of existence. The movie is a philosophy on love and a deep take on grief and loneliness.


Awaken Movie Poster

Another heartbreaking love story, like the A Ghost Story, is Awaken. It is a 2012 film directed by Daric Loo. While one wants to more and more from their romance and togetherness, few fall prey to clinging to the least of what they get out of it. Alex is in love with Rachel and can’t help losing out on her. She dies shortly after their first meet; even so, Alex holds on to her as though she hasn’t left his side yet. He dreams about her every night and doesn’t ever want to get out of the virtual world. He starts to find comfort there. What happens when one pulls him out of it? Will he be able to survive the harshness of reality?


Twilight Movie Poster

Twilight has been a fable for most of the teens in their years. A human falling for a bloodsucking Vampire can never go out of style and our definition of a true forbidden love story. Bella and Edward have been the icon of forbidden lovers and a dream couple for most of us. The series has imaginable strategies making us believe how diverse and intimidating love can be!


According to modern world theories, the most necessary thing in a modern man’s life is definitely gold. They keep it a secret and locked way in from the perilous items around. However, events take a turn when you lack the basic necessary items. That is when reality hits hard right t your face. Thirst is a 2012 film where four people who are stuck in the desert with their individual sick experiences and miserable lives. What does fate have in its hood for them? Will the isolation changes the meaning of their lives, or are they going to come out of it differently?

Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate is another enthralling love story of a werewolf and Aiden, a human. They fall in love and are frowned upon by the other pack members of Vivian’s. Vivian is trying to save her human love, who is continuously under attack by the pack members in order to separate the two. A love story gone off the tracks from a normal one is a love story with thorns and pricks throughout.

This lockdown seems like a good opportunity for all those mysterious love stories to binge all day!