Every Confirmed Update About Netflix’s Kissing Booth 3 & Release Date

Kissing Booth 3 Movie Poster
The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth released in 2018 on Netflix. It is based on a novel of the same name by Beth Reekles. Vince Marcello directed the teen “Rom-Com”.

A sequel to this film came out in 2020 and just a few days after the sequel, and now there is a buzz of the third part in works.
Here, with all the news about everything you need to know. So, go ahead and check it out!

Kissing Booth 3 back on the screens?

Out of all the movies and shows that are late due to the pandemic…this is not one of them. So, yes there’s good news for the fans of the novel and film! The sequel was super awesome and came out pretty quickly.

Flynn, also known in real life as Joel Courtney said in an interview “We are done filming already. We filmed three and two at the same moment.”

There is no chance for a delay, as it was shot already between June and October 2019.
As Joey King, during a Youtube Livestream gave away the official date of the release of the sequel. So, we’re expecting the same for this time too.

There are a lot of rumors hanging in suspense about the cast of the movie. So, Here’s what you need to know.

Cast – Will there be any new faces?

The extremely loved trio of Ellie, Lee and Noah was for the sequel as well and hopefully, will be in the third part too.
Initially, the fans doubted them for the sequel as the King-Elordi couple broke up in March 2019.

However, Jacob Elordi himself confirmed the reunion of the real-life exes for the film with a video he posted on Instagram. In this video, he clearly says that he’ll be coming back as Noah Lynn. A huge relief!

Moreover, Meganne Young will be back as Joel Courtney’s character Lee’s girlfriend, Rachel. Molly Ringwald will be returning as Lynn brothers’ mother.
Bianca Bosch will probably return as the OMG girl Olivia. Additionally, some new faces will be there this time!

According to the second part of the novel, “Going the Distance” Chloe and Marco played the new characters in the sequel.
Similarly, there will be some more characters in the third part.
Taylor Perez will be reprising his role, as there were strong emotions between him and Ellie not fully explored.

Plot: Are they going to get back together?

As we know, part one ended with Noah going off to Hardvard while Ellie heads back to high school for her senior year. The second part had Lee with his girlfriend, not able to give Ellie as much time and support like he used to.

Ellie gets into her dream college along with Lee, where she meets a handsome classmate Marco. Whereas, Noah will get closer to a charming college girl, Chloe.
They both get into doubts and assumptions and in the end, are together.

On the contrary, both Cal-Berkeley and Harvard have accepted Ellie and now she has to decide what to do next.
Also, Marco might come back in the movie as he knew the feelings between him and Ellie were strong.

Kissing Booth became one of the most rewatched movies on Netflix. It won’t be a surprise if the third part breaks its own record!