Dead to Me Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, and Latest News

Dead to Me Season 3 TV Show Poster

Dead to Me, Netflix’s award-winning series is one with more twists and turns than the streets of Manhattan. It has the right amount of dark comedy that will keep you hooked to the show throughout the two seasons. It is counts among Netflix’s elite shows that deserve the ‘binge-worthy‘ tag. Through its two seasons, the show has received nominations for several prestigious awards, including a few Prime Time Emmy. 

It is a story of a unique friendship that develops between two forty-ish women going through tough times after the loss of their partners. Shocking revelations and eccentric events that unfold are fascinating to look out for. Will there be another season for the series? Read on to find the latest updates. 

When will Dead to Me Season 3 Release? 

Since its inception, the series has received nothing but appraisal.
Announced in April 2018, May 3, 2019 was the release date of the first season.
Within a month, Netflix revealed it was close to hitting 30 million viewership.
No wonder it came back for another season right away.
Repeating the success of the first season, the second season too hit the charts and hearts of the fans.

On July 6, 2020, the show was renewed for season 3. Along with it came the bittersweet news that it will be the final season for Dead To Me. The release date for the same is not yet known. Speculations are, it won’t release anytime sooner than May 2021, observing the past timeline and the pandemic situation at hand. 

Plot Details for Season 3

Season 1 of Dead To Me brought out Judy’s involvement in the hit-and-run that killed Jen’s husband. Whereas the second focused on Jen’s secret that she didn’t really kill Steve in self-defence. Whose secrets will the third season bring out? The answer lies in the plot ahead, so make a guess. 

At the end of season 2, Judy and Jen are in a car accident and Ben crash into them.
In doing so, Charlie wrecks his car and flies the situation before Judy or Jen get to look at him.

The show ends leaving the viewers clueless thinking whether the accident is deliberate or something else.

Just like the show always does, Season 3 will pick up from the events of the second season. All these things point to an exciting season up ahead.


The two Emmy nominated actresses of the show, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will definitely be back since they lie at the heart of it all. James Marsden, who plays Ben, seemed crucial for the upcoming events. Expect him to be back as well. 

The rest of the supporting cast is also coming back which includes Diana Maria Riva, Brandon Scott, Luke Roessler among several others. 


It’s not been long since the latest season announcement came out and looking at how things are since the beginning of 2020, production activities have taken a hard hit. So, it will be some time before we see or hear anything about the upcoming instalment of Dead To Me. As of now, there are no teasers or trailers for it. 

If waiting for it seems too long, there won’t be a better time for a re-watch.