Cris Tales Developers are Making Time Travel Concept More Innovative

Cris Tales Game Poster

Time Travel takes a new exciting form through a very appealing game titled ‘Cris Tales’. It is a classic RRPG with attractive features and an amazing and intriguing concept! Dreams Uncorporated LLC develops it. Cris Tales excavates clues and connect the past to the present and future in the most magical ways. The plot follows Crisbell and her friends ina fantasy world facing their horrid future. The narrative has a time empress who is powerful enough to destroy Crystallis and the other four kingdoms.

Cris Tales Plot 

The game expects the player who plays the role of Cris to set forth on a journey across the kingdom, crossing through different ages, meeting magnificent allies. She recruits and assembles them to aid in the fight. Crisbell, as the lead has a unique ability to cast time magic. The enemies can be sent to their past and combat with their weaker and younger form or to the future where the damage is done from the poison provided in the present. A strategy to combat the enemies can also be devised. One might call Cris Tales a choice based game as the effect of every decision shows upon everyone the leading player meets.

Players should be careful while using the feature of casting time magic, moreover, if player exercising upon the wrong enemy, the leading player can get him to be far more robust than he was before.

Cris Tales Gameplay

Time travel is the dominant trope of the game. Similarly, players will face their elements in every turn of the plot. One might be awestruck to see the plot unfold in the weirdest of ways and change its course rapidly. In addition, it will get darker and fancier as and when you transverse toward the future.

Three of the possible timelines are made available on one screen, the past present, and the future. In the present player will alow to move around, and they will correct mistakes by a leap into the past, and see all the possible outcome appearing in the future!

The Empress hatches an evil plot to destroy the five kingdoms which form the main layers of the game plot. The leading player shall use his or her wits and brainstorm through the complexities to solve the puzzles made of the facade and loopholes. When the leading player reaches the final destination then the game will be ended.

In all the tasks and combats player will allow a little luxury adventure amidst. For hop on an airship or boat and travel across the map of the fairytale world, they will make provisions. One can traverse from the kingdom of Crystallis to the slum areas of Saint Clarity experiencing a little virtual world.

Cris Tales Release Dates

The player will also learn certain banes of time travel. With the availability of such features, the players often tend to misuse the advantage, thus falling into traps. The developer does not announce any release dates for the game. Players have a whole new exciting time travel game awaiting their way. What could be a more excellent surprise after the tedious and boring lockdown!?