5 Mind-Boggling Sci-Fi Movies to Watch Like The Matrix

Man With Matrix Poster

Sci-fi movies are ever raging with changing interests and something to do with the evolution of technology. These movies may not be real, but they surely give an immense joy ride into science. Consisting of things that do not have proof and will not anytime soon; the genre has come along a great deal.

The Matrix series featuring Keanu Reeves is a masterpiece in the field of science fiction. The series has three movies in its name with a fourth one in the making. It is a science fiction thriller and will completely blow the mind into thinking the unimaginable. Here is a list of movies similar to The Matrix series.


Inception Movie Poster

The movie is a psychological sci-fi movie with Dominick Cobb getting into his targets’ subconscious state using military technology. He then uses the information in the target’s head to commit corporate espionage. He does all this by sharing a dream world with the victim. One day, Cobb receives an offer to do something different from his usual. Rather than stealing information from the target’s head, he has to induce an idea in their inception or subconscious state.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner Movie Poster

Set in the dystopian future, a giant Tyrell company is making replicants of humans to form colonies in space. These replicants are synthetic humans and develop with the help of bioengineering. Rick Deckard, a policeman of Los Angeles, gets the task of finding a group of runaway replicants. These replicants can be dangerous and are powerful enough. The story of the film is full of drama with inspirations from literature and religious symbolism.

12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys Poster

The adaptation of the story is from a documentary film, Laa Jetee, by Chris Marker. Universal Studios put in a lot of effort at the time to acquire the rights of this documentary. The story was full of potential to go ahead with a remake. An army which goes by the name Twelve monkeys have released a deadly virus. The virus is destroying all humans, with only a few people alive who are now staying underground—the story switches between 1996 and 2035. In 2035, there are plans of sending a man, James Cole, back in time to find the origins of the virus. This is because doctors have not been able to find a cure for it yet.



It is the story of man, Sam Bell, and his robot, Gerty, who are on the moon searching for Helium-3. Helium-3, also known as the alternative fuel, is present in the lunar soil. Extracting and preserving it is the job of Sam. But as time passes, he learns that a few things around him are odd. He has memories of people he never met and finds clones of him. He and Gerty have to find a way to reach earth now.

Total Recall

Another sci-fi movie, with its setting in the dystopian future, Total recall, talks about destruction by chemical warfare. Only two lands are suitable for humans to stay now. One is in Australia, and the other is the United Federation of Britain (UFB). The people alive discover a few things in the colony, and events follow accordingly.

Sci-fi movies are a treat to watch, especially if they will blow up your mind like the ones in the list above. The movies are mind-boggling, exciting, and thrilling, all at the same time.