Movies 5 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch Like Arrival

5 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch Like Arrival


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Science fiction, or commonly known as Sci-fi movies, are gaining popularity by the day. The backbone of sci-fi is indeed a science, but as the name suggests, it is mostly fictional. Everything that the genre shows and talks about is not possible in real-life findings. In the same vein, Science has given those phenomenons a name but does not have any proof of their existence. Cyborgs, aliens, high functionings gadgets and robots, interstellar travel, time travel are all part of science fiction. Similarly, arrival was one hell of an enjoyable sci-fi movie. It was exciting and thrilling, but a few other films can be on par with it. So, here is a list of five such movies that you will equally enjoy.

District 9

District 9 Movie Poster

The inspiration for this movie’s title was from the district six of Capetown during the apartheid era. Most of the film covers interviews, video surveillance footage, and news about a spaceship filled with aliens. The story dates back to 1982, where a spaceship full of aliens flies over Johannesburg in South Africa. The aliens are unable to return to their world and become hostages to humans. The name of the camp in which the aliens are in is district 9. Now, after 20 years, these aliens are shifting to a different facility. One of the aliens has plans to run off during transit with his son to his world. But his paths cross with the one who is in charge of the shifting of these aliens. Will the aliens ever be able to go home? To know more, you need to watch the movie right away.


An exciting and intriguing movie, where viewers are sure to have a thrill ride. The story, set in the future with technological advancements. Lunar industries have set up a base on the moon searching for helium-3, also known as alternative soil. Helium-3 is available in lunar soil and can quickly come into use. An astronaut, Sam Campbell, and his robot Gerty are on the moon for this purpose. And here they find some mysterious things about lunar industries. Events follow from there and leave the audience in shock.


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Looper Movie Poster

It is a story of time travel where people from the future are sending people to the present. The purpose of sending these people is to kill them at the hands of contract killers. Loopers are these contract killers who keep contact with criminal organizations of the future. Joe works as a looper for the Kansas crime syndicate. He closes the loop after killing the future self of people who come with golden bars as a reward for Joe.

Ad Astra

Ad Astra Movie Poster

The story is a sci-fi psychological drama of a man who goes into space to find his father. Something mysterious is striking the solar system and threatening all life on earth. These strikes can be from a project years old, which was under the leadership of the father. The son, Major Roy McBride, embarks on a mission to do something about the problem.


The setting of the story for this sci-fi movie is a dystopian future. It stars famous actors like Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Matt Damon, Bill Erwin, and others. The entire humanity is at stake, and a group of astronauts journey to find someplace for survival. These astronauts travel near Saturn to find a place safe for all human life and suitable for survival.

Sci-fi movies are full of fantasies and show things that cannot be true. But they give us hope for new advancements and a better world.

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