5 Best Political Dramas Like House of Cards

House of Cards TV Show Poster

House of cards is one of the longest-running political dramas on Netflix. The story of the drama begins when Mark Underwood loses a job. On the other side, he with his wife, Claire Underwood tried their heart core to obtain the power and the Presidency by any means possible. Likewise, the series gives a lot of twists about politics with a combination of different storyline. However, the makers have organized the series with a whole political background. Therefore, people who know very little about American politics will gain a lot of interest. Along with the strong political plot, there are many tough characters in the series to make it more prominent. Like House of cards, there are some other political dramas which are evident as well as it is are The Wire, Designated Survivor, Veep, Homeland, Succession.

Here is a list of 5 shows.

Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor TV Show Poster

The story is all about a man who has to become the US President due to some unavoidable circumstances. This is an opportunity which he never wanted to face. Along with all these, the show also shows us the terrorist bombing episode. However, later, this results in abolition of the previous President and his committee members. Meanwhile, The series continues with this mystery.


Veep TV Show Poster

It’s an American adaptation series. This drama gives us an accurate description of a political show with the essence of comedy.  The story is all about the VP of Washington and her core team, who always fails in running the office. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the role of the vice president of the United States. In the drama, consists of no virtual responsibility with a lot of optic clouts.

The Wire

The Wire TV Show Poster

The Wire is an American crime drama—the story about to bring back drug kingpin Avon Barksdale. For arresting him, James McNulty has assigned a joint homicide and narcotics team. The drama provides the viewers with some essence of various Baltimore institutions and their virtual relationship with law order. In all the seasons, we can see how homicide and narcotics team deals with illegal drug dealers.


The story of Homeland is based on an Israeli series. The fiction is all about Carrie, a CIA officer who becomes paranoid and Nicholas Brody, a recently returned prisoner of war has become a spy. In the drama, we see the makers are trying to convince the viewers that Brody is innocent or not. Furthermore, in this, the viewers can also experience an unlikely romance between Brody and Carrie, which was not going into the right path.


The drama is an American satirical comedy show. The story is about the dysfunctional owners of Waystar Royco. However, he is having a global media and hospitality empire and is fighting to control the company. He was doing all these to combat with the uncertain health of the family’s patriarch, Logan Roy. Logan Roy’s four sons prepare themselves to settle their life without their father. Meanwhile, they also try to make a prominent position of themselves in their company.