5 Best Must Watch Movies Like Schindler’s List

Isn’t watching a good movie fulfilling? There is a different level of satisfaction and happiness that various movies offer. Drama is a necessary part of life, and films make a person realize that each day. The stories may or may not be accurate, but the effort in such films is on a different level.

One such great movie is Schindler’s list. The story of a couple saving thousands of refugees from the holocaust is indeed heartwarming. The struggle that Oskar and Emilie Schindler go through to save these lives of Jewish-Polish refugees. They shelter them and work at their factories during World War 2. The story is so beautiful that it makes us feel that there is so much good still in the world. Here is a list of movies with brilliant storylines and some fantastic work.

Alone in Berlin

Alone in Berlin Movie Poster

The adaptation of the story is from writer Hans Fallad’s novel ‘Every Man dies alone.’ The story revolves around a couple, Otto and Anna, who lose their only son to war. After that, they decide that they will do something to motivate people to fight against the Nazis and the cruel practices of Adolf Hitler. They start writing postcards telling about the evil acts of Hitler to the ordinary people. The authorities ask inspector Escherich to find the people who are writing these postcards. The movie ends on a beautiful note, and it is worth the time.

The Exception

The Exception Movie Poster

The setting of the film is during World War 2. The exile of Kaiser Wilhelm 2 is one of the primary motivators of the story. The authorities assign a police officer, Captain Stefan Brandt, to pick up some chatter about a spy. Courtney investigates Kaiser’s residence for a British spy, and while doing so, he falls in love. Mieke is one of Kaiser’s maids who falls in love with Brandt.

The Green Mile

The Green Mile Movie Poster

The movie is a fantasy drama featuring an all-time favourite actor, Tom Hanks. The film goes into the past to 1935 when Tom Hanks is a prison correction officer in charge of death row. In the present time, he is watching the movie ‘Top Hat,’ which makes him emotional about something. He then narrates the story of supernatural events when he was a death-row officer back in the day.

A few Good Men

The story is a thrilling legal drama with its inspiration from a drama by Aaron Sorkin of the same name. The story is of three U.S. Marines. Two of them are going to face court-martial as they are suspected of killing the third. The two officers, Lance Corporal Harold Dawson and Private First Class Louden Dawney, are not guilty. They had nothing to do with the murder of a marine and hire lawyers to fight their case. The movie ends on a good note.

A Hidden Life

This movie is another beautiful war drama of the German-American period. It tells the story of a strong man, Franz Jaggerstatter, who fought against the Nazis during the Second World War. Franz was a devout catholic and an Austrian farmer who does not accept the practices of the Nazis. The violent acts of Adolf Hitler are disturbing, and he fights against it.

So get ready, grab your bucket of Popcorn and Cola and enjoy all of these beautiful movies. The movies have good cinematography, perfect actors, and an incredible storyline.