Top 5 TV Shows to Watch If You Liked Teen Wolf

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Here we have curated a REFINED list of series you need to eye on. If in search of the best TV shows to watch in the teen wolf world. We have navigated through a lot of algorithms and accumulated the best of series on the list.

Vampire Diaries

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Well, fans are happy with the ending as they got what they wanted in the climax. It meant the end of an era. Honestly, its believed no other show could ever compare to it. Lately, other shows are not the same anymore. Fans find themselves re-watching the entire series. That’s a constant reminder as to why its love is beyond compare; so, here’s why. It’s not just about the Romance! We are all a sucker for true love. Whether you were for Stelena or Delana, each love story was EPIC.

Including everyone else’s! Fans are forever obsessed with how they moved everyone’s heart. It is more than a simple supernatural show! It’s an endearing, nostalgic, romantic, riveting, sad, action-packed, heartbreaking, jaw-dropping experience. You will get so wrapped up into it that it becomes a new world.

The originals

The storylines are complex and fleshed out as well as the characters themselves. The villains are cruel and sadistic but so are the protagonists at times. From the villain’s perspective, the main characters are evil. There are no real heroes because everyone makes morally grey decisions.

The love of vampire shows. That isn’t solely focused on Romance but has so many layers to it. Ultimately is about supernatural political power and who’s going to rise on top with betrayal lurking at every corner. 

The characters most seen are the ones who enjoy psychoanalyzing the most, i.e., Klaus. He’s also a character a lot of people can relate too. A tragic, abusive childhood made him into the monster he is, but the show is not just about being a sad character. Hence why the Originals are worth watching and why it’s one of the teens’ favourite vampire TV shows of all time.


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This show is a hidden gem about a supernatural thriller. As a lone female werewolf in existence begins her journey, we see how Elena forced to leave the perfect life she has made for herself as a photographer in Toronto to return to Upstate New York after her wolf pack seemed threatened. It’s about friendship, love, and, most importantly, the depiction of true loyalty in a wolf pack.

The Society

The Society on Netflix had the wildest ending. The theories about its meaning the Society are a mixture of both fiction and thriller genres watched by both teens and adults. It is a series about a group of teenagers who find themselves stuck in an alternate version of their town, without any parents, after returning home from a school trip.

It takes you back in time and then wheels you in until you reach the climax for it all.


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Riverdale is worth watching as its mind catching with many things happening in every episode showing every person. The fiction story is horror, thriller, and adventures. The characters are adorable and fabulous, with unmatched acting skills. The shoot places with animations and the sites shown seem real and make you believe everything was happening up there. A fictional sight of Archie comics, it has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It has also brought about great new faces in Hollywood.