Top 5 Best DC’s Video Games One Can Play

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One is unaware of DC comics and the existing superheroes. After seeing the popularity the DC world has step into the world of video games. Nevertheless, nowadays superheroes are the has earned the spotlight just like the kings, queens or other characters in cinema. Batman, Superman, and other DC gang char have received much more spotlight when it comes to video games.
So here are the top five best DC’s video games one can play.

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online game consists of all those things which a DC fan will love. The game has a great impact in terms of both gameplay and story. The game is having a speciality of creating your own character at the start and join the Justice League or The Society. In this game, the player can team up with the superheroes to defeat the villains. The game is consist of several popular comic storylines within the mission. Bringing DC game to an online MMO doesn’t seem to be a bad idea after seeing the reaction of the fans.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City Gaming Poster

This is one of the best game of Batman. After Arkham Asylum introduced to the gamers they got to know what a Batman game could really be. However, the sequel of it showed the real meaning. The assemble of Arkham City made the first game so great and memorable. The game is a mixture of better animations, some new gadgets to combat with the opponent and storyline.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Poster

The makers have listened to the gamers after they were unhappy with the first part of the makers. Keeping everything in mind the developers have made the second part much better. The production value was improved, the presentation was even better, more characters were brought into the game, whereas the storyline continues the prior events of the first game. Likewise, the Multiplayer mode and customized mode of the game gave the players some reasons to go for more battles each and every day.

Batman: The Telltale Series

This game has received a lot of popularity among the DC games. With this game, the makers have tried to give rise to “Choose Your Own Adventure” game. Telltale Games is not a game for everyone can play as well as it’s not for everyone to understand how good it is. The game is all about Bruce Wayne and his decisions to be a businessman and vigilante which affects his life in both aspects.

Gotham City Imposters

Goatham City Imposters Gaming Poster

Shooting game is one of the prominent game nowadays. The game has created that affects to the gamers which it has come to forge. The game consists of two teams. Among them one of them supports Batman and the other team supports the Joker. Moreover, the two teams give themselves different facts to shoot each other to win the game.

DC and Warner Bros Games have worked together to bring up some more video games for the gamers. Injustice and Batman have broken video gaming records and hopefully, there will more be games in the future from DC to do so.