Gaming Release Date Delays to 2021 for Bushiden, New Gameplay Video & More

Release Date Delays to 2021 for Bushiden, New Gameplay Video & More

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Bushiden had a successful kick start back in 2018. The developer is pixel art studios who are continually adding new features to the game for its latest release. News of a new version was doing the rounds, but it looks like the lovers of this video-game have to wait a while longer, as we all know that things are getting delayed due to Covid-19. Bushiden is a Kickstarter funded ninja live-action game which has grown highly popular.

How is the Game coming together?

One of the most important reasons for the game’s delay was that the developers want to deliver an output that would give premium satisfaction. After 2018, fans have a lot of expectations from the ninja action game. A sudden release would destroy everything for the players and the developers.

The game is in proper shape. The core technology is excellent and stable, along with the right music, art, backgrounds, and other effects. The people testing the game like its overall vibe and seem enthusiastic about the audience response. According to them, people will enjoy the game, and it will get famous.

The main thing that the developer team is working on is the user interface. As already mentioned, the game’s overall feel is excellent, but it is also essential to regularly keep the user engaged. In no way should a player get bored with the game, which the team is focusing on. The enemy AI and combat need to keep up with the player. The levels and features need to be unique so that the player is continuously excited about playing Bushiden.

Bushiden: Update About Gameplay

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A video released by Pixel Arc Studios depicting the enhanced gameplay of Bushiden is making fans even more excited about the game. The video shows a head-up display, charm attacks, Shuriken, and summons technology and updated new music and effects. Another catchy part of the video is that it shows the “Shinesei Forest” stage in an enhanced manner. The game also has a fluid 32 bit Metroidvania and renewed combat techniques.

Bushiden: Release Date

The game was going to release back in August 2020, but things are not the same due to the global pandemic. The game developers decided that it was best to delay it for a few months as they did not want to disappoint the fans. There is a confirmation that the game will release in 2021, most likely during spring or summer.

Bushiden: Official Trailer

Yes, the official trailer for Bushiden is out already. It is more of a gameplay trailer than an overall trailer of the game. This means that it is explicitly focusing on the gameplay features of Bushiden rather than giving the viewers a sneak peek into all of its aspects. In a way, this trailer has created a whole lot of excitement amongst video game fanatics.

The developers are doing everything they can to live up to the expectations of the fans of Bushiden. It is evident that after all the efforts, the player will get a thrill to play the game.

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