Best 5 First Person Shooting Games Like Project IGI

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The best five first-person shooting games to watch out for are here. These are successful games that have revolutionized the first shooting person semantics. We try to bring the best seen over time with the feature of first-person shooting. 

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam:

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has new Supremacy mode, similar in the Battlefield’s Conquest mode in that each team can capture any point on the map at any time, isn’t so obvious. With no communicative commander. (so if one player on each team that monitors the plan, calls in spotting planes, and initiates artillery and napalm strikes and other broad area attacks) A loss is almost guaranteed because if everyone is doing their own thing, they’re likely to accomplish nothing. 

Several games have tried to emulate suppression, to approximate what it’s like fire upon, but Rising Storm 2: Vietnam does it more effectively than any of them.

Battlefield hardline:

Hardline, introducing a cops and robbers element to the standard Battlefield formula. In this Battlefield hardline attempts to ape serialized crime shows in its campaign was admirable but clunkily executed, mostly as its story recklessly glosses over the political sensitivity of the subject matter with little in the way of diplomatic subtlety.

 Inspired by the crime dramas, you see the storyline get juicier in this edition of the game. Which will hail for a selling proposition?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare:

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Modern Warfare has more hours played. The highest daily average players than any other Call of Duty on Xbox One or PlayStation Activision and Infinity Ward are pushing Modern Warfare to such highs based on a handful of factors. The most important of which is the overall quality of the game.

 It is is one of the best-playing Call of Duty games ever. Many fans are praising it for its excellent combat mechanics and satisfying gunplay. Modern Warfare is likely going to see the benefits of that as Infinity War launches new free maps.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:

It is primo-PC gaming; it showed one of the best responses registered in the gaming world when it came into the light. As it didn’t matter that the game is half orienteering sim, half shooter, it’s wonderfully ‘authentic,’ has some excellent set-pieces, and genuinely rewards patience and smart tactical thinking. Games like Operation Flashpoint and ArmA pushed the painfully-slow military shooter to their zenith.

Although an acceptable face of indulging your spec-ops side.

Enemy Front:

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Enemy Front is best when you take the stealth route. The developer fleshed this side of the game out with an attention to detail you don’t usually see in shooters that offer stealth as an option. From a detection meter warning you when you’re about to be caught to gruesome (but poorly animated) knife takedowns, the guts of a great stealth system are all here, but it’s the small details that make stealth fun.

 The game has some genuinely unique things to add to shooters as a whole, and any first-person shooter enthusiast who can appreciate a game that departs from the norm (or anyone dying of thirst from the lack of WW2 shooters) will want to check this game out at least as a rental.