Gaming Ben 10: Power Trip Official Gameplay, Trailer & Nintendo Game Details

Ben 10: Power Trip Official Gameplay, Trailer & Nintendo Game Details

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Ben 10 is a part of childhood each one of us cherishes. With the update of the release of a video game solely for Ben 10 fans is big news. The developers for the game are PHL Collective with the backing of Outright Games LTD to publish it. There are multiple games under the Ben 10 banner. Each of them is astounding, but this new game is impressive. Likewise, it has unique features, compelling gameplay, which involves combat and solving puzzles. The Ben 10 power trip will be out soon, and here are some things you should know about it.

Ben 10 Power Trip Storyline

Ben 10 Power Trip‘s storyline focuses on Ben Tennyson, a teenager who has the power to turn into multiple aliens. And he does this with an Omnitrix’s help, which allows him to turn himself into an alien according to the circumstances. And each of these aliens has special powers.

Ben is on vacation in Europe with his sister Gwen and Grandfather Max. Meanwhile, he knows about Hex’s evil plans. The story’s antagonist is an evil magician, Hex, who wants to conquer the world by unleashing the power of four magic crystals. But on the other hand, only Ben can overpower these mysterious crystals and save the world from going into the hands of the evil Hex.

Ben Tennyson, along with Kevin Levin, embarks on the trip to save their world. In addition, Ben’s sister, Gwen and Grandpa Max will be a part of the game throughout helping Ben in some way or the other.

Ben 10 Power Trip Gameplay Details

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It is an animation 3D game. The player will be playing as Ben 10 alongside Kevin Levin with a local split-screen co-op feature. Gwen Tennyson and Grandpa Max are non-playable characters but have a significant role in helping Ben overcome any obstacles. Ben has to solve puzzles, overcome hindrances, and transform into mighty aliens according to the situations.

Ben 10 Power Trip Release Date

The Ben 10 power trip is all set to release on October 9, 2020. There is no news for delay of the game, and the enthusiasm is ever increasing.

Where will Ben 10 Power Trip be available?

After its release, the game will be available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PC Digital, PS4, and Xbox One.

Ben 10 Power Trip Official Trailer 

A gameplay trailer for Ben 10 Power Trip is out, increasing the excitement among fans. The trailer shows all the new features of the game with sound effects. In addition, all the famous and lovable aliens of the Ben 10 universe are available in the game. The transformation of Ben into these powerful aliens is not only overwhelming but also super thrilling.

Ben 10 has a huge fandom and that too, on a global level. With its initial premiere on Cartoon Network, it got a lot of praise and success. The Ben 10 show will not be back, but game developers are continually doing their best to create something that lives up to the expectations. Meanwhile, the show has set high boundaries, and video games are fulfilling them well.

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