Babylon’s Fall Update About It’s Release Date, Storyline, Trailer and Gameplay

Babylon's Fall Game Poster

Babylon’s Fall is one of the most anticipated action game this year.
The creators announced the game in 2018 at E3 for PlayStation 4, and the gamers are waiting since.

But both the developers and the games’ parent company, Platinum Games and Square Enix respectively were very shy of revealing much information. From whatever we know about the game, it looks like an aesthetic blend of Devil May Cry and Dark Souls. To know what else the game has in store, go through this piece.

Babylon’s Fall Release Date

When the announcement of the game first surfaced in 2018, it came with a release expected in 2019.
However, all of 2019 went by, and there was no news about its existence, almost lost until the very end of 2019.
Gamers were happy after seeing what the game offered with a promise of a major announcement in summer 2020.
The pandemic rained a pile of challenges on any further development on a range of projects industrywide.
Fortunately, Square Enix revealed its lineup for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2020, which will be in an online event because of the pandemic situation. It will be held from September 23 to September 27, 2020, and Babylon’s Fall is on the list of games to be showcased. There are good chances that the virtual event will have the release date reveal.


The scarcity of release of information on the developers’ part leaves us with very little or almost no significant details about the storyline.
The trailer in 2019 showed a knight wearing a fanciful armour, cutting through some demonic creatures and a gigantic boss-like character with a giant sword.
The fighting takes place in what seems to be some old castle from the middle ages.
The medieval fantasy theme really looks amazing and aesthetic and therefore, expect a story based in the time with epic, fantastical elements.
It could feature some stories from the Arthurian Legends. But that is only speculation until the Square Enix reveals more detail at the upcoming event.

Which Platforms will Babylon’s Fall Release For?

The game will release on the PlayStation 4 and Steam. Whether it will release for the next-gen consoles, that is, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is anybody’s guess. Even if the game release for PS4 and PC, the next-gen consoles will also be able to play since they both come with backward compatibility for the first time. We hope there will some fresh developments on this part when Square Enix brings the game out in the open at the Tokyo Game Show 2020.

Babylon’s Fall Trailer

The December 2019 trailer is the only trailer to have seen the light of day until now. It was a cinematic trailer that beautifully paints the picture for the whole game, and the brush stroke effects seen in the trailer give it a storybook-like feel. The upcoming event will probably bring a new teaser/trailer for the game.

To conclude, everything looks all good for the game, and its success is easily apprehensible when it finally drops. It might as well set a new bar in the fantasy action genre. Stay tuned for more info on this game.