5 Must Watch TV Shows If You Liked Suits

During its nine seasons running time, Suits was one of the most popular legal drama series in the world. The show continues to command an appeal even after its conclusion in 2019. Seeing how entangling the landscape of the show can get, it is easy to understand why. The series is seemingly spotless with an ideal mix of intelligence and sophistication.

Despite being a fictional show, the series kept one foot in the real world. And fans of the show have nothing but praise for it. But that should not be a reason to hold back from trying out other impressive series from this genre. So here is a list of five legal drama series which fans of Suits would love.

White Collar

White Collar TV Show Poster

A high-intensity drama series, no one can leave it without turning into a fan. The series hosts an attractive plot which catches imagination at the drop of a hat. It begins with a cat and mouse chase between FBI agent Peter Burke and con artist Neal Caffrey. Ultimately their relation takes a professional note as Neal begin helping the FBI to catch white-collar criminals. It is charming in its own right and an entertaining watch. And being six seasons long would give the mind enough of a fodder.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife TV Show Poster

The Good Wife is an award-winning political drama series. The show is based loosely on the scandals of Eliot Spitzer and John Edwards. It focuses on Alicia, who returns as a litigator following a public scandal of her husband sending him to jail. The show made its debut in 2008 and immediately grabbed attention for all the right reasons. In 2017  Robert and Michelle King returned with the sequel and spin-off of the series, The Good Fight. With lots of crossovers and a brilliant story, fans have nothing to complain. And in all regards is a great bet as far as legal dramas go.


The show was an interesting package to come out of 2010. Airing on FX, the crime drama was directed by Ted Griffin. The show had in its lead Hank Dilworth an ex-cop and his friend  Britt Pollack. The duo pairs up as an investigating team to solve crimes together which takes them to lots of new places. What might impress viewers the most is the funny humour of the show. The characters are great, and the twists aren’t easy to predict. The show had lots of potentials, and it is a travesty that it got cancelled after just one season on the air.


Psych TV Show Poster

The clever detective drama was a fun series to watch during its tenure. Centring around the lives of Shawn and Gus, the show remained on air from 2006 till 2014. In the meantime, its approval rating never dropped, making it such a brilliant watch. The show always feels like an interactive medium. Where the audience learns along with the characters on-screen. So both of them can earn the experience of solving a crime. This makes the series a popular watch for any detective story aficionados.


The show is an incredible story of deception with a fresh plot. Liza is a 40-year old woman whose life has been going downhill until she discovers a clever plot to turn it around. She uses her young looks and reenters the world o publishing. The series was on air since 2015 and was recently came back another season. Airing on TV Land, the show has received more success than anyone thought. While it’s unknown where the show goes from here, now would be a good time to begin watching it.

The world of crime and political drama is littered with impressive shows. With so many to choose from, getting the best can be tricky. That is what this list is for. The shows are available easily on prominent streaming sites. So discovering them won’t be difficult and watching them won’t be boring, for sure.