5 Best International TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

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Sometimes it gets really hard catching up with shows and movies with so many top-notch shows coming out every year, one after another. People often miss out on many shows which are deserving of the precious little time they take out of their busy lives to entertain themselves. But again, it would be a big turnoff if half their time is lost scrolling through the vast library of shows available. But that won’t be happening tonight. Since Netflix is the undisputed king (at least for now) of shows and movies and is most likely the first place to go for show-hunting, here is a list of five best international TV shows to watch on Netflix. Better get those popcorns popping in the microwave.

Money Heist

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Better known as La Casa de Papel is a Spanish show. It is not only the most-watched foreign language show but also one of the most-watched shows worldwide in general terms. A group of individuals recruited by ‘The Professor” attempt the biggest robbery in history at The Royal Mint of Spain. But what starts as a highly synchronized plan, halfway seems to be falling apart slowly due to contradictions among the gang members. This is a rollercoaster ride from the start to the end. Each character in the show has a wonderful depth which gives the overall story a good grip.


Netflix Dark TV Show Poster



A mind-bending and fascinating sci-fi thriller German show based on time travel. The exceptional depth and logic behind every dialogue make watching it an enthralling experience. As children from a small-town start disappearing the whole town goes into a frenzy. Once the premise builds in the first few episodes, the past and the future events start intermingling and hence starts the mind-bending business. There are three seasons and to keep track of the complex story it is recommended to watch it in continuity over a span of a few weeks.


A satire on the Scandinavian crime thriller and the Nordic-noir, Fallet is a Swedish show which is not your regular crime procedural drama. Even though it’s downright hilarious, it has a lot more to offer with its eccentric characters and sharp social commentary.
It’s a story placed around two incompetent detectives who are almost fired right at the beginning of the show.
They have a chance to redeem themselves with a murder case. The plot might be a bit cliched but what makes it stand out is the consistency of humour throughout the show, especially given the intensity of the concluding episodes.


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An incredibly addictive teenage Spanish drama. Elite is a show made somewhere on the lines of similar teen dramas like Riverdale but at the same time a lot different. As the name suggests, it revolves around an Elite school for uber-rich kids where three commoners arrive on a scholarship. What follows is a lot of gossips, sex, relationships, and drugs, and a murder mystery at the centre of it all. Somewhere in it, there are some resemblances with the dark and morbid elements of 13 Reasons Why. Also, it puts forward several problematic themes in the life of teens which makes it a must-watch.


A good watchlist is never complete without adding some zombies to it. Kingdom is Netflix Originals’ first Korean show. It is widely in talks for its splendid production which resonates that of Game of Thrones. It brings a fresh approach to the zombie theme by setting it up in the 1600s. The show begins with the King confined to his chambers due to some sickness which acts as a foreshadowing call to greater danger.
The king’s son flies away to seek answers to his father’s illness to a remote part of the kingdom where a zombie apocalypse is looming large. The prince must save his people and reclaim his inheritance back.

Go on, grab those popcorns, and start binging.