5 Best Comedy Shows to Watch Like Friends

How I Met Your Mother Cast Poter

Friends show has gone on to redefine the genre of a sitcom. Since its release in 1994, the show has been one of the greatest hits in television history. It has been two decades now, but the series has not lost any of its popularity. Revolving around the lives of six best friends, it has the magical power of cheering you up whenever you watch it. The show has something to offer to everybody.

In recent years there have been multiple rumors of the series returning with its original cast. While that might get some hard-core fans excited it is prudent to not put too much trust in them. In the meantime, viewers can direct their attention to a few other sitcoms. While none can capture the charm of Friends, there are some brilliant alternatives. So here is the list of five sitcoms you can watch just like Friends.

How I Met Your Mother

At this point, the series does not require any introduction. Created by Craig Thomas and  Carter Bays the CBS series has been a huge hit with the fans. The show is about Ted narrating to his children in 2030, how he met their mother.

This takes them on a journey from 2005 till 2014 as we see his friends and their exploits together. The series went on to bag People’s Choice Award, proving how adored it was. And if looking for series to commit to being stuck at home then here it is. The nine seasons long show will ensure to keep you entertained.

Sex and the City

Sex and The City Cast Poster


Sex and the City is a beautifully rounded show. The show lends great insights into the turns and tribulations of relationship through a woman perspective. All the while without losing its witty humour, making it such a special entry in this list. The series follows the lives of four women, distinctly different than one another yet closely knitted together. Based on the writings of Candace Bushnell, the show has earned multiple accolades during its running. And throughout its tenure, it dealt with topics taking place simultaneously in the real world. This made it a living and breathing series on television.

Big Bang Theory

Fans are immediately reminded of Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper when someone names the show. However, it would be mean to exclude Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette. Such memorable is this group of characters created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. It is a show that any teen of this generation has been a fan of. And with the series ending just last year, the memory of the show is still fresh in our mind. It is a sweet story of friendship, and a highly recommended show for those yet to catch up.

Modern Family

Modern Family American Television Mockumentary Poster

Modern Family is a mockumentary where the fictional events are in the form of a documentary. The show takes place in suburban Los Angeles and focuses on the story of three families threaded together by Jay Pritchett. The show has a fun way of portraying contemporary life in a metropolis like Los Angeles in a brutally honest way. Modern Family is the most recent series to come to an end on this list. It had been on air for eleven seasons from 2009. During that time the show became one of the favourites of fans and a must-watch in this category.

The Office

The Office Comedy Show Poster

It will be hard to find anyone who needs an introduction to the employees at Dunder-Mifflin. Even if someone has not watched the show, indeed they are familiar with it given the series’ effect on popular culture. The Office, originally a British comedy series was a significant influence and inspiration for the show.

And since then has also been remade in India. It is the best example of a mockumentary done right, about the employees at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Co. The show was on air for nine straight seasons with immense success. It continues to be extremely popular among fans and is ideal for any mood.

Luckily there are some sensational sitcoms available to stream right now. All of them have enjoyed massive critical appreciation and adoration from fans. Who is better among them is a debate for another day. Right now, these series can serve as a worthy substitute for Friends. So they can be given a try.